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Application for Tester

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Application for Tester Empty Application for Tester

Post by (Ghoul) Denko Sacka Sun Apr 12, 2015 10:54 am

1.)Why you wish to be a Tester.

1.) Well, the reason i want to be a Tester is multiple reasons, I love this academy, I love testing people, and also i want to see where people are when i first see them so i can say, "Hey, he's got potential" and when they answer who tested them that brings a smile of joy to my face and the knowladge that this academy is getting better students and is going to grow adequately.

2.)Why you think you are suitable.

2.) Another good question, i think i am suitable because i have been playing yugioh for awhile and I am very attentive to the Testee's plays. I also am friendly and very forgiving, but also very strict on misplays because that's a part of the rubric. I have been taught a lot through this academy, now i want to see others learn through the academy as well, with my help seeing them through the beginning parts of what a student and yugioh duelist really is all about

3.)How active will you be?

3.) 7 Days a Week, average 3 hours per day, minimum 2 hours, maximum 6 hours, on weekends I am pretty much free the entire day except for the morning of Saturday, depending.

4.) What I think the role of a Tester is?

4.) I think the role of a Tester is to test people into the academy and see where they are at in terms of skill and heart, and see their behavior and misplays and see to them fit and taken care of. I should not try to beat down the Testee, or make it too easy for them, rather I should be somewhere in the middle so that way i can see what they can do around the middle pack of duelists in DN and in yugioh. To be honest completly, I think the Testee's should be challenged, but to a certain extent.

5.) What each section of the Testing rubric means.

5.) Here is what it means. Match= Win/Loss Ratio is basically what it is, its the ratio of win's to losses and points are awarded accordingly. Aptitude is the skill of the recruit. Deck Consistency is how much of an ease it is to access resources that he needs. Rulings is how much the Testee understands, such as traps and effects on monster,etc. Behavior is how the Testee behaves, To me if the Testee behaves, listens and understands and such that is fine. Awareness is how aware the Testee is to my plays and his own, example if activate Solemn Warning on Nekroz Mirror and he proceeds to summon, also if he forgets his mandatory eff or an eff such as Upstart Goblin. Side Deck is if the Testee has a side deck. Siding is the effectiveness of his side decking and his adaptation to my plays and kind of knowing what he needs to side.Answers to situation is basically the cards in the Testee's deck and Extra that help him control the situation, if he doesn't have cards that really control any situation, I will try to create different situations, if he cant do anything after that then the score will be low. Response is how the Testee responds to the Tester's plays.

5.) Match is /100 and Single is /100 Single is basically the same without the Side Deck and is one game.

6.)From now on when a person applies for tester they will have to go through a mock battle. A mock battle is where a a person tests and Tester/Mod/Admin as if they were testers and we were students.

Thank you reading my application and I hope to be working hard for this academy very soon!
(Ghoul) Denko Sacka
(Ghoul) Denko Sacka

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Application for Tester Empty Re: Application for Tester

Post by (Vice-Chancellor) Lloyd Sun Apr 12, 2015 11:44 am

Application for Tester GLGuej9

Application for Tester Tumblr_niatmzew6q1rv8jpzo1_500Application for Tester Tumblr_m8xbw3VTMS1r2k7bpo6_250Application for Tester Tumblr_mx3z93QepJ1slejqeo1_250Application for Tester Img_title-bigApplication for Tester Lloyd-irving-o
(Vice-Chancellor) Lloyd
(Vice-Chancellor) Lloyd
Soul Holders
Soul Holders

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