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Post by Vald the INVOKER Tue Sep 23, 2014 7:18 am

1. Dueling is my favorite thing to do asides from cooking and making wooden weapons and selling them. From my experiences in all the tournaments I have been to, I have seen many types of decks out there and as such I know how most of them play out. As a tester I would like to broaden my experience with many other decks out there and share my knowledge with others who may need help.
2. Many times I have played against fellow players who sometimes need constant reminders on the rules as well as misunderstanding the rules itself. I take it personally to remind them/tell them what the rules should be to prevent future mishaps because they either don't remember the rules or just plain misunderstands them. I play unique deck styles as well as some metas but mostly my unique deck styles
3. I am active almost 24/7 only times that I am not active is when I am working
4. I believe the job of a tester is not only to see what they can and cant do, but also mentor them and put them down the right path. THE PATH TO ASURA!! jk I enjoy helping those in need.
5. From what i know
Banned Decks: Are decks that are not to be used
Match Results: Total score of game
Win/Loss: the win/loss result of a matched game.
Deck consistency: how good they are with the decks they are using
Rulings: knowledge of the Rules of the game
Behavior: Well behaved during the test
Awareness: keeping track of whats happening in the current test
Side Deck: Cards needed to help put the game in their favor
Siding: how good they Sided in order to help deck
Answers to situation: How good the side deck helped them take control of the duel
Response: no hesitation on actions of tester

Hope That Did It
Vald the INVOKER
Vald the INVOKER

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