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Banlist/Limit/Semi Discussion! July 1st List

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Banlist/Limit/Semi Discussion! July 1st List

Post by (Chancellor) Leon on Mon Jun 15, 2015 4:27 pm

Alright everyone! From the speculation that I've been hearing recently. People are saying that the next update for the list will be coming along the lines of July 1st. If this is true. Let's have a nice chat! If there is a way to prove the confirmed date, please provide a link in the thread below. I'll start with my predictions.

+1 Heavy Storm or Harpie's Feather Duster

Why: People will argue me up and down about the back row level of this Format or the possibility of the next. I honestly think that it's still a thing and a very problematic one. I don't think it'd hurt the game at all to get at least one back and fix the over "Set 5 and End" issue. or Just having to deal with some very annoying Pendulum Decks.

+1 Royal Oppression

Why: It's too good. I'd say give it an Errata and for once or twice per turn and call it good. It's such a helpful card and would give both players an even chance and choice.

-1 or -2 Shurit, Strategist of the Nekroz

Why: This guy is very problematic. It helps the deck way too much and some thought dumbing down Preparation and Brionac would slow the deck down but, it wasn't that sufficient of a change. Honestly.

-1 or -2 Tellarknight Alpha or Satellarknight Altair

Why: Need I say more?

Side Note - I would have said Pot of Greed but considering how crazy people are making the combinations with Chicken Race and what not. I don't know what to say about it anymore.

+2 Dragon Ravine

Why: Come on now, How deadly can Dragunity POSSIBLY be nowadays? Also, considering the main cards that made this card a serious threat are gone now. Why not give it back to the light or day? I would love to see this card to 3.

+1 One for One

Why: If you argue this point that people can use it to stall harder? Give me a break. People can stall with much worst cards. For the most part, I'd use it just to get some breathing room for a bit in a duel, wouldn't hurt the game too much.

-1 or 2 Judgment Dragon

Why: Fuck. This. Card. For as easy as this card is to get out, and now that they have SUCH horribly crazy support now, why the fuck not? If you want something so good and amazing. WORK FOR IT. Judgment Dragon is a Nuke for 1000 LP. In a format where LP really don't matter, for god's sake this card is like perfection! It needs to go. I really think Lightsworns could even do well without it being still at 3. 3 Judgment Dragon is too much.

These are all the picks that I personally think need to be hit. I hit the most critical ones in my opinion and I might have more that I can't think of off the top of my head.

Do tell your thoughts and picks and comment them below. I'd LOVE to hear what you guys have to say about what could better or hurt the game and the reasons why.
(Chancellor) Leon
(Chancellor) Leon
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Soul Holders

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Re: Banlist/Limit/Semi Discussion! July 1st List

Post by Tsukune Aono on Mon Jun 15, 2015 4:32 pm

+1 or 2 Elemental Hero Stratos

Why: Well he wont be able to do much since the heros got support since he was banned so why not just say fuck it and bring him back
Tsukune Aono
Tsukune Aono

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Re: Banlist/Limit/Semi Discussion! July 1st List

Post by deathxlink1992 on Mon Jun 15, 2015 5:25 pm

Stratos to limited: Stratos has been literally hibernating in the banlist for years now. If konami is afraid of people spaming his effect through summon looping just give him an errata stating you can only use one stratos effect a turn to prevent looping.

El Shaddoll Construct to 2: She is nothing but pure gain no matter what happens, you summon her you get to send a shaddoll to the grave, she dies you get a shaddoll spell/trap from the grave, except if shes bounced or banished but still shes an overall powerhouse. The OCG has her banned which is a bit much if you ask me.

Thousand eyes restrict to 1: There is no way in hell in this current format that this guy can instantly win the game for you.

Clausolas and trishula to 2: Nekroz is one of the top dog decks, seriously. Now i feel if you hit their rituals to 1 that would be like a bat to their kneecaps, i feel 2 is fair enough to let them keep some strength without completly nerfing them to the ground.

Senju and Manju to one: Nekroz already have a crap ton of ways to search, these guys just make them go even faster then necessary

Raidraptor Mimicry falcon or raptor nest to 2: Yes holy shit i'm even talking about nerfing my own pride and joy here. raptors are defiantly not tier 1/meta but mimicry and nest are defiantly over powered. Mimicry lets you search almost any raptor card and nest is a constant recycle/search engine that constantly keeps the speed of the deck high if left alone.

Red-eyes darkness metal dragon Banned: with all the new red eyes cards, this guy just makes the red eyes deck insane, but banning him would also hit many decks that use him.

Cyber Dragon infinity and Utopia the lightning to 1: I don't need a reason for this guy, he is just so easy to get out with out using a C.D. deck *cough*ptolemaeus*cough* For Lightning, you can not stop an attack by this guy, seriously, he has the ancient gear effect and will become a 5000 beater to easily waste your field. You can't D-prison, you can't honest this guy, you can't even swift scarecrow. he attacks and tells you to bend over and take it

Odd-eyes Rebellion Dragon to 1: While this guy can be a pain to get out in itself, the fact that he can easily OTK your opponent is ridiculous.

Ritual Beast Ambush to limit: This card is absolutely OP and you can just use it at your opponent's end phase to cheese the turn restriction effect. I feel its hard to weaken the deck by restriction the monsters in anyway without completely crippling them or even effecting them anyway, so go after the support cards.

Emergency Teleport to 1: To hit the ritual beasts as their one of the top tier decks, they should get some more hits.

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Re: Banlist/Limit/Semi Discussion! July 1st List

Post by Fujitora on Mon Jun 15, 2015 8:53 pm

(I'm responding only to Trevor here. )

Stratos possibly unbanned, put to one. Doubtful because of how much he drastically changes. Unlimited searches in one turn ( His effect is not once per turn like most popular searching effects ) and he has the ability to search any hero monster. Zero limitations. His unbanning will be doubtful.

El Shaddoll Construct to 1. She is insanely powerful in every aspect and has near no weakness. She's too overpowered. I honestly would suggest her banning because she's insanely overpowered. By far the best Shaddoll.

Thousand Eyes Restrict wouldn't do anything to the format at all. It would go to 3.

Nekroz players don't play 3 Trishula or 3 Clausolas in the first. Nekroz players play 1 Trishula, and 1 or 2 Clausolas in general. I would say they would limit the ritual spells themselves so that Nekroz players have to utilize Unicore even more.

Senju and Manju ( The latter being the more powerful ) wouldn't do anything. Senju would probably stay at three with Manju possibly going to 1.

Raidraptors won't be hit because TCG list doesn't hit OCG stuff.

Red-Eyes decks aren't relevant enough to the current meta and TCG lists won't hit OCG cards.

CDI and Lightning won't be hit because OCG.

Rebellion Dragon isn't powerful enough in the current meta. It'll stay at 3.

Ritual Beast Ambush isn't the problem of the deck. The problem of the deck is Ulti-Cannahawk. The fuck am I saying, Ulti-Cannahawk is the ENTIRE deck. I feel like Ulti-Cannahawk will be banned.

Emergency Teleport doesn't really do anything for Ritual Beasts if Cannahawk got hit and besides, Ritual Beasts aren't relevant this format. They don't have the spotlight and it's doubtful they'll be hit.

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Re: Banlist/Limit/Semi Discussion! July 1st List

Post by deathxlink1992 on Mon Jun 15, 2015 9:43 pm

if ulti-cannahawk gets ban the deck will die dude, you remove that and the deck will fall apart.

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Re: Banlist/Limit/Semi Discussion! July 1st List

Post by Sponsored content

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