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Chapter 1:

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Chapter 1: Empty Chapter 1:

Post by Chaos on Mon May 04, 2015 8:49 pm

Recruit - 139 -
- Interview -
Recording Time - 56 Minutes -
Recording - Start - Now

- My name is Shiro Sachi, my history is a dark one if you can call it that. I was born in 1/1/2017, at the age of eight, I was abandoned by my true parents, reasons?.... still unknown to me  to this day. I was bullied by the neighborhood kids in my old hometown, it always hurt once I got back home, and that was before my parents deserted me.
After they abandoned me I was taken to a local foster home, that life was harsh as well though it was not that bad, but once I was adopted by my foster parents, the Setsu was the most harsh few years of my life, I was 10 at the time. They were... demons, they always beat me, called me a washed out rag, a piece of paper that could never be written on and almost killed me. Though it was one of the best years of my life once I met my step brother Kira, he was 12 years old also, like he was a real brother to me. He was the kindest person to me in the world that would always be cold to me like the winter breeze, always swaying me away from the tree.    
   Kira always stepped up for me if I was bullied or if I was being beaten by my foster parents, he was someone I could truly love. It seemed to be a horrible life, if it wasn't for Kira I wouldn't be here, he was my brother and my closest friend. At the age of 12 it was getting worse, my foster parents would get crazier, angrier, and even more evil and I was terrified. They wouldn't care if they would hurt Kira to get to me they would push him out of the way just to beat me. They were insane and I had planned to run away from them, I had told Kira my plans, though he rejected them at first.
   Then he probably realized that they would kill me if I were to stay. He helped my escape by distracting his parents as I went out the door to escape. I was dying of hunger and thirst, I had no one to go to at the time, my eye sight was getting blurry and I fainted. I had woken up in a church I, thinking I had died honestly, though it was luck that had shined on me. I was taken to a local church , the members had found me and they had taken me there. They were some of the most kindest people I had met, one being Mei she was a really nice woman and she would give me food, lessons, and money to go to school, though they were very strict. It was because I was probably fooling around in the church. They had told me lessons of God, and though they were boring, they were inspiring. I was pretty much living there and it was a good time in my life, until a disaster struck, an idiot had smoked at the church and we were all there, including Mei.
   He started a fire, and the fire was getting bigger and bigger every second. The church was pretty big but cluttered tightly, it made it impossible for everybody to get out, but then even more disaster struck. There was an oil tank outside the church since we were going to have an event and it exploded, everybody in it except me had died. I snapped, broken for life, and damaged, scarred inside and outside, the explosion burned one of my eyes.....I had forgotten what it felt like to have emotion it has been so long. I was 13, I had to thrive on my own and I had to quit school to do part time jobs, once I was 14 I decided to join the army... and now this is where I am now, what I am now, a soldier.

Side Note - you can read the rest of Shiro's life in the audition page

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Chapter 1: Empty Re: Chapter 1:

Post by Chaos on Tue May 05, 2015 1:29 am

Location - ???
- 6:58 AM -
- 1/25/26 -

TEN HUT!! it was testing day for the new recruits, it was about who wanted to know and earn their ranks. Shiro was there wearing his uniform and eye-patch in the rain with other recruits to test their abilities to see if they are wroth the spot in the army. His presence disturbs the other members except two, two males named Takeshi and Hitoshi they had been curious about Shiro on why he is cold and not bright. Training one was about skill also known as Aptitude, deck building skills, Deck Consistency, and Awareness, "alright you low right pins, you are going face each-others in duel and win to see if you make it in we will have other generals including me to see if you are worthy, DUEL!" everybody than tried to find opponents to find to get the attention of the generals. Shiro was just checking his deck to see if his deck was in good condition, than he was challenged by a random duelist, this duelist appeared to be a weak one, he was just a casual duelist wanting to get in the army, Shiro accepted, than they dueled

Duel Start!!!

"I call first, I normal summon the light sworn monster LUMINA than I discard RAIDEN to Special summon him than I mill 2 cards" he than milled a LYLA and a CELESTIA I than Synchro summon with Raiden and Lumina to summon MICHAEL I end my turn by setting one card face-down"

"Hmm..." He didn't say anything he would just do moves without saying anything, He summons a PHOTON THRASHER and normal summons a GALAXY WIZARD he than activates its effect to make it level eight than activates the spell card GALAXY QUEENS LIGHT to make them both level eight he than xyz summons a rank eight monster TACHYON DRAGON he than overlays that with FULL ARMOR PHOTON DRAGON than activates its effect to destroy his Micheal than activates ONI-GAMI COMBO to detach all of its material to make it attack twice in that battle phase he than proceeds to attack "RRRRRRAAAAAWWWWWRRRRR" furiously charging his opponent than makes his life-points zero.

The duel was over the victor was Shiro he than proceeds to approach the duelist. "What was your face-down?" "it was magic jammier" "why did you not use it? It would have saved you a turn" "I was scared by your beast, I was paralyzed" Shiro had sighed "it was a holographic image it would not hurt you...make sure to get rid of that feeling of terror" "alright thanks..." "Shiro than walked off without an expression on his face. Though the other two noticed his actions

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