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Cold Truths (Atlas) CHAPTER 1

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Cold Truths (Atlas) CHAPTER 1 Empty Cold Truths (Atlas) CHAPTER 1

Post by (ELITE) Master Of Faster on Mon May 04, 2015 12:44 pm

The punishing wind blew softly on this cold autumn morning in Montreal. The colorful leaves, dancing around in the breeze, whirling about in multiple directions. Atlas walked past the homeless shelter, questioning himself, he recieved a call. It was the Toronto police force, asking for his help in a case that had just popped up. This happened often. The forces of justice, not only of Canada, but of whereever in the world he happened to be at the time, often called upon him to help in times of need. Atlas asked about the situation, to which the cop replied “It’s really bad... the world champion, Yltos, was...”. Atlas cut the man off midsentence -”Yltos... I havent seen him since i was 18.. how’s he doing?”- The police officer continued “found dead with a couple of questionable items in the scene of the crime...”Atlas’ eyes widened. He hadn't known Yltos very well, but he was a good friend of Axelle’s before he died. Yltos had shown him kindness, when he was young, and Atlas was shocked to find out he had died. He nodded, even tho the cop on the other end of the phone couldn't see it. “I’ll be there in about 30 minutes...”, he replied briskly as he shut off his phone. He was going to solve this case, not for the money, but for an old friend. He flicked open his deck holster and pulled out his ace monster. His duel disk opened up, and he whipped the monster into the opening, to watch as his friend appeared before him. The giant Red Dragon exploded into reality,  the embers of its flare still falling like snow. It held out its huge clawed hand, which was about 3 times the size of his owner, and Atlas stepped on... 
Cold Truths (Atlas) CHAPTER 1 11138549_911447782209376_7736993945926145923_n

As Atlas flew over Ottawa, about a minute away from Toronto, he pulled out his phone and called Inspector Maguire. They were partners back when Atlas was still a part of the force. After a couple of beeps, he picked up.
Atlas: "Where's the murder, Brandon? ....the seen of the crime...."
Inspector: "You might not believe me when I say this, but its the same place..."
Atlas: "What? don't mean.."
Inspector: "Yeah, its Crawford Ave. Park...."
That was where Atlas had found his brother dead, 7 years ago... Atlas paused for a few seconds, and bit his lip before replying.
Atlas: "What's the cops verdict so far?"
Inspector: "They are trying to rule it out as a suicide, given the conditions... Quite similar to Axelle's were..."
Atlas became quiet. 
Atlas: "It's not a suicide. Stop them right now, before the order is given to close the case. I need to see this!"
Inspector: "On it!"
About 2 minutes later, Red Dragon Archfiend landed in Crawford Ave. Park, and Atlas got off his back, to find Maguire and the crime scene infront of him. 
Inspector: "He's there..." 
Maguire pointed past the yellow crime scene wraps, at the dead world champion on the floor with scattered autumn leaves and a pistol. As Atlas stepped over the 'do not cross' line, he muttered to the officers. 
Atlas: "Get me some rubber gloves." 
Officer Greg: "Yes sir."
As the cop went to his car to get Atlas some rubber gloves, he could hear the others talking about him. Whispering rumours about him, as if he couldn't hear it. 
Atlas put on the gloves that the the cop brought him, picked up the pistol laying next to the body, and began examining it.
Cold Truths (Atlas) CHAPTER 1 SleepSong

Atlas: "The gun is probably registered... look it up."
Sergeant: "yes, sir!" 
Atlas' eyes widened, and he opened his mouth to speak, but stopped suddenly to collect his thoughts. He realized many things thought the course of these few minutes he's has to look at the dead man and his surroundings.
Atlas: "Come here and let me teach you all a lesson..." 
He spoke in the laziest tone he could muster.
Atlas: "There are no burn marks in his head, meaning the pistol could not have been fired by his own hands... This is a murder..."
Inspector: "My god... He's ri--hes always right...."
Atlas: "Also, the scattered leaves are not only under him but on his body as well... Meaning he would've had to have been killed before the last time wind blew anywhere over 7kph..."
Sergeant: "Wha- 7kph? what about it...."
Atlas: "Thats the minimum range of windspeed that would tear off leaves from a maple tree around this time of year. Maguire, when was the last time it happened?"
Inspector Maguire opened his phone and checked the weather in the past day or two.
Inspector: "yesterday, noon."
Atlas: "That should match up with the post-mortem rigor mortis."
Sergeant: "the results are back! N-" Atlas cut him off.
Atlas: "No fingerprints I know. Gimme the registration number and the name of our prime suspect."
Maguire snatched the results paper from the Sergeant, and read it aloud.
Inspector: "Berno Arvelche, Russian, Registered to Paris, France." 
Atlas: "France?!?! The hell?!"
Inspector: "Probably a resident of France now, ever since Russia was destroyed, most of the inhabitants left for shelters in other countries."
Atlas: "7 years of searching... And I finally found the first hint..." 
A tear slid down his cheek as he spoke, then he began to smile, ever so subtly. 
He knew what he was going to do. He was going to do everything in his power to get closer and closer to the answers. He would do whatever it takes. Anything. He was going to France... 
Cold Truths (Atlas) CHAPTER 1 Reborn+as+Adult

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(ELITE) Master Of Faster

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Cold Truths (Atlas) CHAPTER 1 Empty Re: Cold Truths (Atlas) CHAPTER 1

Post by (ELITE) Master Of Faster on Tue May 05, 2015 4:09 am

(ELITE) Master Of Faster
(ELITE) Master Of Faster

Posts : 44
Join date : 2014-08-24
Age : 22
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