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Sentrio's Tester App.

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Sentrio's Tester App. Empty Sentrio's Tester App.

Post by Sentrio Mon Apr 06, 2015 12:38 pm

Since last time I didn't know there was a rubric, I'm going to redo my tester app... Hopefully it'll be better this time.

1.) Why you wish to be a Tester-To be of more use to the forum, since all I do is be on it. Might as well do something productive for something I like, right? Plus, I'm active, A LOT.
2.) Why you think you are suitable-Although I think this answer will hinder me, here goes. I honestly don't feel good enough to be a tester. I'm not going to give a sappy answer like: "To have fun with the testees," I want to honestly test their skills and see what they've got.
3.) How active you will be-I can be on about 2-3 hours a day for 6/7 days. 4-5 hours this week.
4.) What you think the role of a Tester is-As stated before, to truely see the testee's skills and study their every move.
5.) What each of the sections of the Testing Rubric means-If they quit without a good reason, such as a D/C or they have to get off because of parents, they are instantly in Bronze. They are not allowed to use burn/exodia/stall decks. I must watch and pay attentian to the testee's actions and help them out with moves they could've done. The score for their test is based on the match (their win/lose ratio, skill, awareness and side deck) and the single outcome (basically the same as the match, without the siding.)
6.) From now on when a person Applies for tester they will have to go through a mock battle. A mock battle is were a person tests a Tester/Mod/Admin as if they were testers and we were students.

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Sentrio's Tester App. Empty Re: Sentrio's Tester App.

Post by (Chancellor) Leon Mon Apr 06, 2015 12:56 pm

I'll be honest with you Sentrio. I don't think this is the right position for you. I've dueled you several times and I can tell that your knowledge on what you can do to gain advantage and your rulings knowledge aren't the best. I don't think you should apply for this. Like I said before, I think you should be a Recruiter before anything. These answers would have probably earned you at least a Trial Run at Tester, but the last one lowered those chances. I'm sorry Sentrio, but I'm going to have to deny this application. I'd advice you to sharpen your knowledge on a few things, gain some more experience with situations and try again. More specifically, for a Recruiter. I'd gladly give you that job because not much is required for it and you seemed to be doing a swell job.
(Chancellor) Leon
(Chancellor) Leon
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