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5 Fates Tournament

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5 Fates Tournament Empty 5 Fates Tournament

Post by Prometheus9366 on Sat Apr 04, 2015 2:20 pm

Hello everyone its Prometheus9366 here!
I am the Events Organizer for Magical Arts Duel Academy and i got this great idea for a tourney with all y'all.So i have started a new tourney and this one is going to be the biggest one yet! This tournament is going to be the hardest one yet! Simply because it is not just us competing! Thats right there are other acads in this. The top 5 dueling acads on forumotion are competing to this. Here is the point to the tourney. There are going to be 4 tourneys going on. So this is basically an invitation. Terms would be below


1. Admins Bracket- Each acad. will be able to elect up to 4 admins/mods to participate in this bracket. Each member that is elected will represent your acad as staff and will duel to represent your acad! Rules are as stated above.
The admin bracket will be registered here:

2. Students Bracket- Each acad will be able to submit 8 students to participate. To make it more fun each admin/mods can choose 2 students to represent them and their acad. Rules are as stated above.
The students bracket will be registered here:

3 & 4. Lastly there will be a losers bracket. For both losers of admin/mod bracket and the students bracket. The winner's for the admin's losers bracket will face the winner of the bracket for the admins as does the losers students facing the students. These will declair the winner.
Admin/mod's losers:
Student's losers:


Le rulez:
-match 2/3
-single elimination
-same deck
-current banlist:
-each person is only allowed to register once and people are only allowed to register for one academy.
-admins/mods may not participate in students bracket and vice versa
-duels will be done through dueling network because a majority of the dueling acads that are participating use dueling network
-if there is a ruling problems. Fighting does not work. Use Yugioh wiki links. If you opponent still has problems contact 2 admins to help rule the problem
-participants will be determined by your staff and will be added to the bracket (i will need a list of your participants challoge usernames)
-afk for 5 mins results in loss of single per single. Must document the afk though time stamped screenshots
-verification of match win must be screenshot and posted on tourney
-Acads do not have to enter max. number of admins/mods/students.
-Each acad is responsible for who is participating. Disrespect is not tollerated
- (note to admins/mods) Please have a list of who is participating by the 25th of April
-Participants that are registered must check in 2 days prior or be knocked off the bracket
-This event will be set to start on the 1st of May and may take a day to a month. Each participant is responsible for their matches.
-If your opponent is gone offline for 2 days (time stamped) then they forefit and post via the chat board


Each match will put forth a place and there will be two winners for each acad.
1st place will recieve a box of cards your choice ($30 or less) also determined by your acad
2nd determined by your acad
3rd determined by your acad


Acad's that are participating and their threads:
3rd Gladiator Duel Academy:
4th Magic Arts Duel Academy:
5th Satellar Duel Academy:
6th North Duel Academy:
8th Solitaire Duel Academy:


Questions/concerns or if your acad does not wish to participate please pm me via your messaging system.



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5 Fates Tournament Empty Re: 5 Fates Tournament

Post by Prometheus9366 on Sun Apr 05, 2015 2:19 am

Yo were you guys interested in this?


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