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Post by Critter86 on Mon Feb 09, 2015 10:49 am


My name is Tim and I was recruited by A-B-U-L after we dueled on DN. I took my test with Master of Faster (aka FireStorm Legend). I placed in Hamon, which is kinda cool because A-B-U-L is the head of my dorm. I feel like Harry Potter was put into Gryffindor.

I have to say that I am quite liking this... uhhh... guild? I'm not sure what you're all calling it, but I like it. I'm excited to make new friends and have access to helpful resources.

A little about me is in order I suppose.

I've only started playing two months ago, but in that time I've already dropped $400 on cards, thanks to my addictive personality. My little brother and his two bff's have been playing for years. They go to tournaments and one of them placed 9th in the Seattle regionals. I used to tease them (harmlessly - as I went up stairs to have a Battlestar Galactica marathon) about being grown ass men playing YuGiOh (they're 26 now). Well, my wife is an avid anime fan and loves the show YuGiOh. She wanted to play Millennium Duels on the 360. Now, she has no patience for video game tutorials, so I went through all the tutorials and learned the game, just in case she was stuck and I could help her. I ended up loving it. Now my goal is to back up my years of smack talk and get good enough to take down my brother and his friends because that's what big brothers should do hahaha... I don't know if that'll happen... I suspect that they're really good.

I started out playing E-heros and I liked them a lot. My wife made a Blue Eyes Deck and a ritual deck and I felt that it started lacking the punch I needed to take out her strong monsters. I had to tactically take them out with Ab0 or Gaia or Great Tornado. I switched it up and started playing Six Sams. I've always been a huge samurai buff and have written a feature length screenplay involving them. I think I've seen somewhere around 200 samurai movies and read about a quarter of that many books on samurai so, naturally, they drew in - and the structure decks were cheap.

My favorite cards are Plasma Vice and Shi En, thus far.

Well, looking forward to dueling you and learning a few things.

- Tim


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