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Dazo's Admin Application

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Dazo's Admin Application Empty Dazo's Admin Application

Post by Dazo Mon Jun 08, 2015 1:10 am

Dazo’s Admin Application

Now before I start, I would just like to answer why you may need one. Though you have Spike and L (I barely see L), Spikes no longer your head. Now last I checked, the reason why Leon claimed that he didn’t need one was because Spike was already pretty active and there wasn’t much conflict, and if some conflict started to happen, another would be needed. Now Spike is no longer the head admin, and you never want conflict starting up, and considering how many users that are currently active, having another admin around may greatly support the academy and stop any future drama that may happen. As well as Spike opening up his own academy.

Why you wish to be an Administrator
Because I want help the Administrator team when they are busy with other projects as well as help advance Solaire in just becoming a better academy in general.

Why you think you are sutiable
I am just going to copy and paste what I put for my moderator application and add more to it.

I've mostly had leadership experience in various forms. I've lead a couple of highlander (9v9) Team Fortress 2 (TF2) teams as well was an admin of a TF2 community that I had to leave due to emergency personal reasons. Over time within the next month from that, I got to be a head admin at Heavens DA, and also an RP manager at Xenon DA and at around November 2013 I quit YGO because I got a new computer and wanted to play other games, being bored of YGO at the current time.

Then recently in October 2014, I became a driver in Pokemon Showdown's (PS) Roleplaying room and still am a driver to this day (Basicly the 1st level of staff, moderator is the 2nd level of staff which has the power to ban, and the 3rd level of staff is the Room Owners, which are basicly the same as academy admins). The room can even hit about 120+ users a day, therefore staffing it alone ( which I have been in a situation like that before) is quite hard. Not to mention my recently promotion to RP manager at North Academy (Which I then retired because that place was dieing), and currently the only event manager at Raid Raptor Acad (and head of the RP department), as well as of course, owning Yang Zing Acad

This can show that I have the maturity, knowledge, and leadership for these jobs. Not to mention I know how to run an academy, and be an enforcer. I am also looking into learning HTML, and CSS as well as exploring what I can do with the dice function. Also you have Spike, he can tell you what I can contribute to staff policy and staff related stuff because he has access to YZA’s staff forum.

How Active Will You Be?
Sundays and Fridays I am free, Mondays I get back around 3pm-5pm pst and I’m free for the rest of the day, most Tuesdays and Wednesdays I am free however I may have something going on on those days, Thursdays and Saturdays I work from 1pm-3pm pst.

What you think the role of an Administrator is
Well first you have to be a good moderator. So let me copy and paste the offenses that could be committed as well as how I would respond to this.
Sexual content, graphic violence, and racial slurs: Probably a straight up Chatbox Ban if its happening in the Chatbox, then a forum ban if its happening on the forums.

Formatting (To explain what this is, this could be the use of bold, strikethrough, underlining, etc when not needed, mostly applies in the chatbox): Probably a verbal warning then a kick if the user doesn't stop. Doesn't mater as much in posts as it could get annoying in the Chatbox.

Academy Bashing: Kick then Ban in the chatbox, on the forum the post/thread will get deleted with an explanation.

Rudeness towards staff: Kick then Ban on CB, Deleted post with a PM explination.

Rudeness toward users: Verbal Warning along with a kick, Deleted post with a PM explination.

Faking evidence: Forum Ban

Spamming, Flaming, Trolling, Advertising, asking questions with one-word answers in the CB, and flooding the chat such as by copy/pasting logs in the CB: Depending on the offense, a verbal warning to a forum ban.

Minimodding; being a mod when its not your job;  Don't tell people they'll be kicked, don't ask for people to be kicked, and don't talk about whether or not people should be kicked ("inb4 kick", etc). This applies to bans and other punishments, too:A verbal warning to a kick. Deleted post with a PM explanation and warning.

Dicussing Staff Decisions: We can ask you to stop then kick, locked thread.

Reporting usernames that are derogatory or insulting in nature, to an individual or group (insulting yourself is okay as long as it's not too serious), directly reference sexual activity, excessively disgusting, or impersonating a recognized user

Posting for the sake of posting: A deleted post with a pm verbal explination
Direct Images in the chat: /cls plus verbal warning
Revealing Personal Information or sending out screamers: Forum Ban

As well as you would have to be a contributor to the academy in general. Your also a rolemodel for the students at the academy, which any staff position should be. Also you should know a little coding enough to run an academy (which I do look at YZA).

How to use Key Sections of the Admin Control Panel
As much as I would like to say “Look at YZA” to demonstrate that I know my panel, I’ll answer the question.

General: This is pretty important. Here you do things from organize how the forum looks, too adding censors if wanted. Mostly you’ll be using the tabs “Configuration” “Security” and “Word/Username Censoring” but you may end up using “Categories and Forums” to add a forum, delete a forum, or move a forum.

Display: This is home to the CSS stylesheet, which is how you add glows and effects to people. You can play around with Themes under the “Themes” Section however I don’t think thats needed for this place. Also you can use “Generalities” to post up huge announcements or use it as a tournament board listing the current events going on. Also you can use “Structure and Hierarchy” to change how you want Solaire to be structured.

Users & Groups: This is user management, and group management and that stuff. You’ll commonly be using “Search Users” to find a user, “Ban Control” to ban or IP ban a user, “Group Administration” to make a new usergroup, edit existing usergroup, move usergroups (which this place may need), or add users to usergroups, and “Rank Administration” to give a user a custom rank.

Modules: This is where you mostly manage forum widgets, add dice games, manage the point currency, and handle Chatbox related things. You’ll commonly be using “Portal Management” if you have anything to edit on the portal, “Forum Widget Management” if you have to edit the widgets, “Points System” and “Point donation” to manage points, “Field Management” and “Dice Roll” to manage the dice games. You can also configure the chatbox in the chatbox tab, and add some HTML and Javascript management if needed.

Misc: Nothing here that I care about, thats mostly founder stuff. Besides checking on the “Reported Abuses” Section which may rarely be needed.

Thank you for reading and considering my application.

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Dazo's Admin Application Empty Re: Dazo's Admin Application

Post by (Vice-Chancellor) Lloyd Mon Jun 08, 2015 4:28 pm

As of right now unfortunately i have to kindly deny your application only because your an affiliate. I would have accepted it if you weren't but you re so I'm truly sorry.

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(Vice-Chancellor) Lloyd
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