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[Sign-Ups/OOC] Coldsides of Noiveria Empty [Sign-Ups/OOC] Coldsides of Noiveria

Post by Dazo Wed Jun 03, 2015 4:55 pm


-Decades Ago...-

I start out in a small room, looking like a young, blonde girl.  This is a first...  I'm in another person's point of view!  A servant calls me Marianette, and tells me that it's time to come out now.  She says that my father wishes to see me, and so I begrudgingly obey.  However, I take a look around the room, and see a Kuriboh plushie, a Slifer plushie, and a Grapha plushie sitting on a miniature altar which looks like its been used recently.  I take a look at myself in the beautifully crafted glass mirror, but I can't see myself in the mirror.  Does this mean that this girl is a vampire?  The servant tells me that my father is in the room to the east, and so I leave the room.

I leave my room, and an earthquake occurs.  I see Horakhty statues all over the halls, which means that this place could be a cult's holy ground.  I see servants blocking every room, which means I am forced to head east.  What's strange is that I don't see the girl's mother.  I wonder if something happened to her...  As I go through the hall, more earthquakes occur, as well as what appears to sound like lightning.  All of the servants say the same thing, and I start to question them, while they rudely reply with snarky remarks.  I ask why I can't go outside, and they say that the outside is tainted with evil.  Every servant has a snarky comment to my questions, which makes me hate them.  I ask why I can't bring my Deck, and one of them says that I will no longer need them.  I then head to the eastern corridor.

What's odd is that I can't even pause...  I head to the eastern corridor, and more earthquakes occur.  I speak to the servant next to the Horakhty statues in front of the door, and she tells me that my father awaits me in the room ahead.  She moves, and I proceed.

I head into the room, and there are servants and Horakhty statues all over the room.  I speak to the servants, and one of them weeps about her sister.  I head into the room ahead, and see the girl's father standing behind an altar with a servant on it.  Marianette asks him what's going on, and where mommy is.  He tells her that mommy is in a better place now, and says that she is now sleeping with Horakhty, the Savior.  That actually sounds wrong if you look at it from a different perspective...  He tells Marianette that she must sleep with Horakhty, too.  Marianette is surprised, and exclaims that she just woke up.  However, her father tells her that it is a different kind of sleep.  More like murder or sacrifice, if you will.  He then declares that he shall demonstrate the sleep for her before her very eyes.  He asks the servant if she is ready, and she proudly tells her master that she has lived only to see this day, and that she was literally born ready to fulfill this task.   Brainwashed, much? He accepts the appropriate answer, and begins the ritual.  The room flashes and shakes as he performs the ritual.

"It is time, Horakhty!  Show her eternal greatness!  Show her eternal life!  Show her the true way to live!"

The servant disappears into nothingness as she vanishes from the face of the Earth.  Marianette is horrified, and asks him what he is doing.  She wonders where their servant went, because she disappeared in front of her.  Her father replies that she is with Horakhty now, and reveals that he brought her here to do the same.  He tells her to step forward, but she refuses.  She tries to escape, but three servants block the exit.  She tells her daddy to let her go, and that she wants to go back to her room because she's scared.  He says that he cannot let that happen, and tells the servants to bring her to the altar.  Marianette begs for them to let go of her, and threatens to scream.  However, her threats are empty, as she is then chained to the four poles.  What is this, a kinky bondage situation now?  That's just sick!  She begs her father to stop this, and says that she doesn't want to go to sleep because she wants to go back to her room.  She keeps begging, but it is no use.  He apologizes, and promises that this is for her own good.  He then begins the ritual once again.  Marianette begs for somebody to help her at this point.

"Horakhty!  It is time!"

And welcome to Noiveria, where some characters just gotta get a grip. This is a world where the richest live at the finest rooms of the duel academy, while the poor are there to live in the ghettos of the town, or even concentration camps. Not to mention an inescapable religion. Yep, this is a pretty fucked up world. Luckily, a group known as '13 Graces' is trying to drive the force out of the country.

13 Graces:
Goal: The goal of the group is to drive the dictator forces out of Noveria, by any means necessarily, even if it means murder. This is not your civil resistance against the British. They will use violence.

Leaders: The Group is led by 2 people: Ashley G.C. and Scarlet Vest. Ashley G.C. is a girl who founded the group, with the intentional of resisting the Enforcer's of the city. However that goal slowly changed to driving them out after the defensive victories they had. She is the brains behind every operation however lacks an execution. Ashley leads 13 Graces.

Scarlet Vest is also a girl, who is always by Ashley's side. She is the executioner of the operations of the 13 Graces. She manages the 13 Graces.

History: The group was founded when Ashley gathered together her friends with the intention of fighting back against the city enforcers. The original name was "The Forest's Grace" as their first operation was to defend the forest which Ashley lived in.

The operation was a success. They easily defended the forest without a threat. Upon this victory, they changed their name to "13 Graces." 13 as in 13 Cities inside Novieria, and Graces as in "Purification of the dictatorship." With this victory, they settled a home base in KangaKanganium. They immediately and anonymously drove the City's enforcers out of KangaKanganium, and claimed the city of KangaKanganium as their own.

They did not want to leave their home base for operations, so they decided a new approach: force. The writers behind 13 Graces wrote a newspaper, also called the 13 Graces (The city allowed this as the operations of the 13 Graces were anonymous). The job of the newspaper was simple: to attract patriots and anyone else to subscribe to the newspaper, in which those who subscribed would be threatened to do "jobs" for them, which consisted of sending them a mask, a very powerful deck that was stronger then most of the city's enforcers, and anonymously driving out the cities enforcer's either by man slaughter, or card games to the death, the 2nd one being the most common.

While 13 Graces did the more active demonstrations and operations themselves, the newspaper appealed to everywhere all over Noiveria. By turning Noiveria into a country where enforcers were dieing daily, the fuse was lit, and this is the story of the bang.

Rules(by Submitting a character, you agree to these):
SDA Rules and Regulations still apply. Especially respect between hosts and other players.
I came up with the world. Ultimately, my word is law. It's completely unacceptable to disrespect the host of a roleplay, me, if you are involved; without it, the game wouldn't happen. If you have a major issue, bring it up CALMLY via private message.

As for respect the other players, this would be entirely pointless without the other players. If you've got an issue with another player's action, again, discuss it without hostility via PM, or, failing that, with the host or the resident section moderator. Cursing at another player outside of casual conversation is unacceptable and rarely leads to anything productive.

Be Aware that other players have plans.
If you do something that affects another character in a significant way, ALWAYS discuss it in the this thread or via PMs first.

Big changes need arbitration.
If you ever do something that would significantly change the course of the story's development or the development of another player's character, you absolutely NEED to discuss it with the me or the other player first.

Do not Godmod
This is basically creating an action that allows no reaction. Flying, Invincibility, Punching without allowing a dodge, dodging impossible situations, supernatural powers, etc.

Avoid Mary-Sueing
IE, a character without flaws. They are the best fighter, they never lose, they have the perfect attitude, they are loved by the townspeople, they are immortal, they are a member of a secret organization whose goal is to take over the storyline of my RP. Basically, they’re no fun for anyone to RP with. Don’t go over the top with your character, give them some flaws. You can find multiple ways of how to avoid making your OC a Mary Sue in this forum. Do not expect your character to get accepted if it is a sue, and if it acts like a sue in the RP, I will kill it off.

Avoid constant meta-gaming.
Meta-gaming is when your character knows things they they would have no possible way of knowing in the RP setting. There are some things the host will introduce to you purely for your own knowledge, but do not assume your character will know these things unless it makes sense. Use common sense, and if you can't remember whether your character should know something, don't be afraid to look back through the pages or ask the host. If this happens I will kill your character off.

We aren't 5 year-olds, so actually try.
If you want to be straight forward and to the point, fine, but at least write a fucking paragraph. One-Liners will be strictly forbidden.

Lets not go over the top
Plain and simple. Look, Swearing is from time to time encouraged here , especially when it would enhance the emotion of the situation. However, this does not constitute you going and dropping F-bombs and such every other word.

In addition, This is not a Horror or Soft Porn film. This is a Yu-Gi-Oh! Forum. If 12 year-olds can come here, its probably not a good idea for them to see this stuff. Excessive gore and graphic sexual scenes are not acceptable here.

Bunnying is not ok
This is taking control of another person's character or NPC. Its rude as fuck. If an NPC is controlable by the players, you will know.

Lastly, Think
If I have to explain this to you, you shouldn't be in the RP

Important Characters: (I will introduce more of these as I continue to build the NPCs. Most of these will lead the story, some will just set you on minor missions. Most of their appearances are hyperlinks, so click on the text under apperance (or the hyperlink will be on apperance)).

Name: "Ra"
Gender: Male
Age: ??
Deck: None
Alignment: Neutral

Appearance: This however instead of a rooster as a head, the head of "The Winged Dragon of Ra"
Special characteristics: This dude is not real. He is hallucinations of almost everyone. He is what the characters want. For example for a son he is a father. For an actor he is the audience. He always appears as people. He is a heavy influence on other NPCs. He will also often talk to the players.

General Attitude: "And you. I don't get you and why you do the things you do."
Personality: He follows traits similar to the grim reaper.

History: No one knows. There are people that know what he is, but that's a fairly small amount. If those people were to say anything, Ra would get them killed before they got the chance. Ra is a voice of destruction, the voice of death.

Anything else we may want to know: Look at "Special Characteristics"

Ashley/Marianette G.C.:
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Deck: Baby Raccoons
Alignment: Neutral/Chaotic Good
Appearance: The girl to the left is Marianette, the girl to the right is Ashley

Special characteristics: A natural leader which comes up with what to do, however never knows the how.

General Attitude: “I don’t really give a shit I do what I want bitch.”
Personality: Rebellious, proud, always fun to be around, so she is generally always well liked. Shiny.
History: Reincarnated from Marianette, she found herself in a log cabin. She never knew her previous life or remembered it. This is where life started for Ashley according to Ashley. At the age of 11. The reason why her parents kept the last name was simple. On her right arm, was tattooed “G.C.”

Anyhow starting life at the age of 11, she grew up in the forest outside of Noiveria with a loving family. Her mother was a politician, and her father was the forest ranger. She was homeschooled by her mother. She quickly picked up basic life skills. She often liked to roam the forests, enjoy watching the animals.

By the age of 12, she started to self-teach herself how to play yugioh, sure enough she was good at it. Also around the age of 12, her father was informed of a very changing event. The city wanted to cut down the forests and use it for more buildings. Her father at that point gave up on his forest. The family would always tell him “Its okay, it’ll be okay” but he wouldn’t listen. So he decided to take Morphine. And by take, eventually lead to addiction. Her father practically blamed Ashley for things that she didn’t even do.

Then she decided that she would attempt to defend the forest. She knew she probably would not be able to win, but she had to try. She gathered some of her close friends that she knew, who had similar instances where the city took something away from them. She formed the group known as The Forest’s Grace.

And so, leading The Forest’s Grace at the age of 13, her first fight against the city started: the battle over the forest. The small battles that Ashley thought were easy, the city enforcers had to retreat. The Forest’s Grace won their battle over the city, and the enforcers have not came back sense.

When she told the news to her father, it was already too late. He had been too far into his morphine addiction. He couldn’t feel any slight happiness. His morphine addiction even got worse when he started to beat Ashley. Then they found out about his morphine addiction. So one day, Ashley and her mother tried something brave to try to help their father. They took away his morphine supply. That day he went crazy, he both beat Ashley and her mom, and rushed for the lake in the middle of the forest, threatening to drown himself just for a dose of morphine. That same day he overdosed and slept forever.

And so, she only did 2 things before she left her mother: study under her and fight under The Forest’s Grace, which changed its name to 13 Graces. She became a smart leader and at the age of 15, she left home and lead the 13 Graces, which ended up settling in KangaKanganium, along with putting the base of the 13 Graces in the city. And from here on out, she dedicated her life to the 13 Graces.

Scarlet Vest:
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Deck: Burning Abyss
Alignment: Neutral Good
Special characteristics: A strategist that gets everything she wants or needs by brute force rather than words.

General Attitude: "Revenge is a dish that is best served...Now!.”
Personality: Rebellious, Proud, willing to do whatever it takes to get it done. Always has revenge on the mind.

History:  Scarlet wasn’t a cutesy girl. She was more like a punk who enjoyed zombies and darker activities. Unlike her parents, she always needed to smoke. The pleasure it brought her was too much for her to be able to quit. Some say apart of her died the day she was born. The part to always enjoy everything. Truth was that the way Noiveria is she could never truely enjoy herself even when she was born. Always she would have the cities’ enforcers bugging her family or her friends about something they did not like.

When she was 11, when she decided to cut class on one particular day. And thank god she did. She went to the park which had a somewhat close eye on the school. Sitting in a tree having her 3rd smoke, she started to her what seemed to be sirens. Peeking her head out from the branches that did hide her, she saw the Cities’ Enforcers blocking off the whole school, transporting students into prison trucks. She knew she couldn’t do anything by herself and she hated it. She even heard her name on megahorns.

When she appear out of the tree 5 hours later, she found the enforcers had gone away, so she finally decided to head home. When she got home, she also found out that her parents were also transferred away. She was left alone all by herself, something she thought in concept would be cool however the reality of that concept was frightening. No family or friends. Also from that point on she was wanted alive from the country.

When she was 13, she finally saw her opportunity to fight back the enforcers in a group that was known as “The Forest’s Grace.” Thats when she met Ashley, who both glued to each other. When they fought, defending the forests, Scarlet often tagged along with Ashley, and so The Forest’s Grace got rid of the Cities’ Enforcers.

At the meeting of their victory, they decided 2 things. One they would rename themselves as “13 Graces” and that they would move into the abandoned school that Scarlet was apart of.

However moving into that school was not as easy. When Scarlet decided to take another look through her favorite tree, she saw constant guards around the school, who just seemed to be waiting for someone. Then she had an idea that she would never tell anyone. She went back home and went through her wardrobe. In there she saw a mask of what looked like “The Winged Dragon of Ra.” At night she went back to the school, and man slaughtered every guard in the school. She then torched the bodies of those guards, but keeping the uniforms, not wanting this massacre to be known by anyone.

When it was ready, at the age of 15, she had prepared the base of the 13 Graces. No one knew how she got the base besides herself. And so, from then on she dedicated her life to the revolution against the dictatorship of Noiveria.

Additional Information: SHE IS NOT RA

Helios G.C.:
Helios G.C.
Gender: Male
Age: 44
Deck: Twilight
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Appearance: But with the color scheme of black and white
Special Characteristics: Ruler of Noiveria. Due to being super religious, he has a strong connection with Horakhty and can even see the future, however everything he sees is what he wants to see, not what he is actually seeing unless it is happening right in front of him. If he ever lost his devine powers he would perish.

General Attitude: "Prosperitas, Pax Pacis, Obseqium. Blessings of the Lord Horakhty upon your house."
Personality: He is a religious dictator. If something doesn’t go his way he’ll make it go his way.

History: “Ha!” His evil laugh took him over as by sacrificing his family gave him power with the god of creation. He came mad with power as he took over the throne of Noiveria with ease. What he had to do was simple. He went to the capital and smite the leader at the time, taking power. And thus his dictatorship began.

He had slaughtered all of those who opposed him, and started to enforce police all around the cities of Noiveria, who abused their powers to no end.  He buried Noiveria into its darkest times, and it still is today. He is the reason for the 13 Graces.  He makes the Noiverian People look up to him as a god and praise him as a god and if not they are sent to concentration camps, usually to die in them.

Noriko Justice:
Gender: Female
Age: 25
Deck: Dark Syncro
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Special characteristics: An officer.

General Attitude: “You know what happens to thugs?” *shot* “Thats what happens to thugs” Followed by: “He came at me, had to take him out. It was him or me”
Personality: She is a renegade cop that always uses his badge as in excuse. She is an officer of the law at day, and at night she goes on rampages. She always seems to think about himself, her reputation, and the fame she wants.

History: Noriko always had an average life. Average parents, average education, average childhood. Another thing she loved though was mysteries. And she was good at them. Her father, who was a detective inspired her to become a detective. Their family was one that was loyal to the law.

However in her social life at the age of 8, this was frowned upon. Her friends would always call her weird and dumb, two of the things she most definitely was not at the time. Matter of fact she didn’t have friends at all due to her having different interests that wasn’t your girl that loved to play with dolls. She was successfully an outcast.

The friends that she did manage to make, were nerds who looked up to Noriko. Those nerds were often bullied as well. Whenever those nerds got bullied, they depended on Noriko to be a strong role model to fight them off, which she was not. So she lost those friends.

At the age of 15, on a certain particular day, Noriko was in class, doing her studies. Though she went to the same school, many of her previous classmates left the school, and new ones came in. For once in her life she was able to get along with other people. She could finally not feel socially awkward and be accepted once in her life.

Until she started to hear sirens outside her school. The Cities’ Enforcers came through bursting into the school and forcefully grabbed multiple quantities of students and escorted them out into trucks. Luckily for Noriko, a young officer escorted her like a princess into a normal car. They were around the school for at least a good 2 hours of the Enforcers just calling out to a “Scarlet’ on megaphones and looking for her.

Still oblivious to why Noriko was treated with such luxury, she was driven by the young officer to what seemed to be hospital. The officer quickly rushed Noriko into the hospital and she found out that she found her father on a deathbed, with the chief of the Enforcer’s watching over.

“May Horakhty bless his soul.” The chief he said quietly as he quickly gave the dying father a prayer. Unfortunately for Noriko, by the time she got to her father, he had already died.

“Your father wanted you to take his job.” The chief solemnly tells Noriko, “And before you asked, we asked for all the students at your school to be locked up, we thought they were suspects. It turns out there was one of the students that was not transported, she must have been the cause for his death. I promise you, for your father, we will do whatever we can to make sure your father’s murderer does not get away with this.”

“Thanks for your apologies.” Noriko’s words seemed empty “I don’t get why you would keep everyone else locked up, but I guess you have your reasons” She sighed mournfully. “When do we start?”

With those words, she entered the world of law enforcement. She became a detective, much like her father. It turned out that she saw her father a day after he died. She felt it was a fun job.  And much like her childhood days, she was good at it. Her only failed operation, was controlling a bunch of officers inside a forest, who got surprised attacked by what she claims to be guerrilla tactics. She was forced to command a retreat due to not having anything to combat these guerrilla soldiers and being unprepared for the attack. She didn’t bother to come back to try to reclaim that forest.

However when she started to notice that none of her cases were getting any spotlight, she turns to her own ways of getting spotlight. This was something her father never wanted, and something she would attempt to claim for herself.

So, at some nights, she would go out and kill complete gangs, thugs, and other influences. Whenever she finished the job, there would always be some officers waiting outside the crime scene, and the detective would walk away and get away scott free. The start of these  massacres gave birth to a series of murders caused by a character known as “Noivern Mutilator”. Though Noriko did not do these murders, she was the one to always investigate the murders of the Noivern Mutilator. Nevertheless she still continued her own massacres for the pleasure of them.

Anything else we may want to know: She has some very dark secrets.

Character Template


Appearance (Picture is fine, but you can describe them. If you are using a picture, please hyperlink it or resize it):
Special characteristics (please no magic mumbo jumbo or anything, think birthmarks, affinities, etc.):

General Attitude: (Character Quote)


Anything else we may want to know:

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[Sign-Ups/OOC] Coldsides of Noiveria Empty Re: [Sign-Ups/OOC] Coldsides of Noiveria

Post by Dazo Wed Jun 03, 2015 4:55 pm

This post is reserved for Player's OCs

Also this is a thread for both sign-ups and RP discussion.

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[Sign-Ups/OOC] Coldsides of Noiveria Empty Re: [Sign-Ups/OOC] Coldsides of Noiveria

Post by Chaos Wed Jun 03, 2015 10:06 pm

Can I join?

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[Sign-Ups/OOC] Coldsides of Noiveria Empty Re: [Sign-Ups/OOC] Coldsides of Noiveria

Post by Dazo Wed Jun 03, 2015 10:35 pm

Well thats a silly question, what says you can't join?

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[Sign-Ups/OOC] Coldsides of Noiveria Empty Re: [Sign-Ups/OOC] Coldsides of Noiveria

Post by Chaos Thu Jun 04, 2015 12:01 am

Name: Chao Marda
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Appearance: [Sign-Ups/OOC] Coldsides of Noiveria 3355869_1378547365044.06res_214_300
Special characteristics: None
General Attitude: angry
Personality: Short tempered and calm at the same time (also caring)
History: Pending

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[Sign-Ups/OOC] Coldsides of Noiveria Empty Re: [Sign-Ups/OOC] Coldsides of Noiveria

Post by Dazo Thu Jun 04, 2015 12:27 am

General Attitude is more of something your OC would say, sense honestly I sorta thing that general attitude and personality are the same.

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[Sign-Ups/OOC] Coldsides of Noiveria Empty Re: [Sign-Ups/OOC] Coldsides of Noiveria

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