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Davenom's Test Results

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Davenom's Test Results  Empty Davenom's Test Results

Post by Professor Corpse Thu May 07, 2015 7:54 pm

Match Results: 60(65 before misplay subtraction)/100

Win/Loss Ratio
        1:2 = 1 P
Aptitude(Skill of Recruit) =
       10 Points
Deck Consistency(Ease of access to resources) =
       10 Points
Rulings(Knowledge of cards and their effects) =
       8 Points
Behavior =
       10 Points
Awareness(Attention to own plays and plays of Tester) =
       10 Points
Side Deck=
       No viable side deck
Siding(Adaptation and effectiveness of side in) =
       no viable side deck
Answers to Situation(Cards in deck that helped control Situation) =
       8 Points
Response(Response to Tester's plays) =
       8 Points

Each misplay will subtract 5 points from score
Misread the effect of own Lightsworn Archer, Felis.

Single Results: 82/100

If Recruit Wins Single =
       0 Points
Aptitude =
       10 Points
Deck Consistency =
       8 Points
Rulings =
       10 Points
Behavior =
       10 Points
Awareness =
       10 Points
Answers to Situation =
       10 Points
Response =
       8 Points
Overall Performance =
       16 Points

No Misplays

Total Score: 142/200

Winged Kuriboh Bronze = 1-79
Uria Crimson = 80-119
Hamon Gold = 120-159
Raviel Sapphire = 160-189
Rainbow Neos = 190-200

Congratualtions, Welcome To: Hamon Gold

The ONLY reason you didn't make Raviel was because you didn't have side, please get HP and retest as soon as possible please. You are way better than this.

Davenom's Test Results  Spawn_by_jenzee
Professor Corpse
Professor Corpse

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