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(The Party) Daily Challenges

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(The Party) Daily Challenges Empty (The Party) Daily Challenges

Post by Leo on Mon May 04, 2015 10:03 pm

These Challenges Reward Get multiplied By 4 (SO ANY REWARD HERE GETS MULTIPLIED BY 4)

Challenge 1: Win 5 Ranked Duels (Screenshot Required)
Reward: 300hp

Challenge 2: Make A Naturia Deck (Screenshot Required), And Also need 3 wins
Reward: 450hp

Challenge 3: Beat 5 Different Staff Member in A Match Per Person (Screenshot Required) (THEY MUST GO HERE OR YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE THE REWARD)
Beat 1 Staff (Screenshot Required): 200hp
Beat 2 More Staff (Screenshot Required) (Total of 3 wins): 400hp
Beat 2 Other Staff (Screenshot Required) (Total of 5 wins): 600hp
You Can Only Challenge A Staff Member Once

Dear Staff You Are Not Allowed To Challenge Other Staff But if you win the duels paste them here and you will Earn Hp Depending On Your Wins  (Screenshot Required)
1 Match Won: 100Hp
2 More Matches: 300hp
Another 2 More: 500hp

(The Party) Daily Challenges Batman-dance
(The Party) Daily Challenges Tumblr_n2jy4pfp1A1t7q46vo1_500
(The Party) Daily Challenges Tumblr_lqog2dDzAQ1r1e5pio1_500

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(The Party) Daily Challenges Empty Re: (The Party) Daily Challenges

Post by Cursed Heart on Tue May 05, 2015 10:57 pm

Boom redeem of week
Cursed Heart
Cursed Heart

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