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Post by VerinChan on Sat May 02, 2015 10:08 pm

Cyan blue waves whipped in the wind untamed even by the cruel fate of nature and the state of the world. A rather short girl stood atop a mountain born and raised in Paris France. Dressed perfect for the times that she had to face, dark brown leather pants with black combat boots. Her top was a simple white tank top with a brown leather suede jacket on top a small scarf wrapped around her neck, a small necklace disappeared in the scarf. The weather was still a bit chilly. Her fingers were covered in gloves, for being on a high mountain she didn’t want to get frost bite.
“V-Verin!” A younger girl shouted out tearing Verin from her thoughts. The named whipped her head around to reveal bright blue eyes that sparkled as if diamonds themselves resided in them. Seeing who it was that called her name her soft pink lips curled up into a smile.
“Victoria, what’s up?” The much smaller girl who looked to be almost 10 gasped for breath stood in front of her older sister. She also had light cyan hair that was pulled into two pony tails and she was dressed in warm clothing. “Everyone is heading back! C’mon we’ll be late for the gathering.”
“Oh right!”Verin picked up her pales of water and smiled at her sister struggled to carry her own pale of water.
Walking somewhat behind the group Victoria once again cut through Verin’s thoughts. “Hey sis do you think daddy will come back today?” Verin looked down surprised by the random question, “Well they did leave three days ago so yeah they should be back by now…”
She paused and felt Victoria bump into her and give her a knowing look. “And Gunji too, eh?” Verin’s cheeks brightened a bit as she averted eyes with her sister. “Y-yeah I want everyone to come home Victoria…” Her little devious sister giggled running ahead.

Reaching the corner of the town she saw a bunch of commotion towards the center of the village, raising a brow she knelt down running her fingers through her little sister’s hair. “Hey, go head home and get a shower I’ll be right there…” Victoria nodded and ran off.
Verin picked up her sisters half empty pale of water and walked further into town dropping off the water at the water distribution section. Still curious on the commotion she headed over pushing through older people and even kids.
Reaching the clearing she saw… “Gunji!” Her eyes widened as she saw him dripping in blood being assisted by two nurses as they carried him through town to the infirmary. She pushed people out of the way more aggressively walking towards him and looking behind them towards were the others had left. “Gunji! Gu-“ She was cut off by seeing his golden eyes stare into hers and her heart struck in pain she knew that look. She saw it, what he had seen the battle the blood. Stopping dead center people passed and shoved right past her…

She turned around looked to the outskirts of the village… ‘Was it really that bad out there? They couldn’t be the only ones in this area… there had to be others…’ Turning around quickly her eyes opened hearing the last of him, his mind… it began to whisper and fade, his thoughts faint. She took off into a full blown sprint her long legs letting her run as she jumped over a child or two and swung open the door of the infirmary just in time to see the nurses hang their heads and claim time of death.
“Gunji….” She whispered and walked slowly in, the door slamming behind her a nurse looked up and saddened. “Verin I-…” Verin cut her off. “What were his last words?”
The nurse looked to Verin pausing, the cyan haired girl glared at her. “WELL?” “He said an avalanche caused by bandits… no survivors…” A pause. “That’s it?” They nodded. “Very well, it looks like we have a new enemy.” The nurse followed after. “And no war leader Verin…”
Verin paused in her tracks and then looked to her. “Don’t you have people to attend to?”
With that the girl walked away, well out of sight she began to sprint.
Heart beat racing, mind a blur and soon her vision red rimmed around her diamond blues… Sitting on the mountain looking out at the world her fist punched the ground, and her teeth cringed. “This is my base, my home, I will protect you, Paris France…”
A few days had passed after the incident and Verin had taken command organizing quite a bit of things, from food supply to clothes, military weapons and water. She had begun self-protection programs for the young and the elderly, she organized shifts of watching the outlands. There was not one person who could even cough without Verin knowing.
Though things were running smoothly now Verin hadn’t stopped thinking about the bandits, enemies don’t just go away and she was planning a solo mission tonight to go investigate. The hard part was getting Victoria not to follow she had to find a way to tell her.
Verin had closed up the office and was locking the doors when she smirked slightly. “Victoria, I know you are there…” Victoria came out from 20 feet away huffing. “How do you do that?!” Verin giggled turning around and getting on one knee to pick up her sister holding her on her hip. “I’m a grown up remember?” Victoria pouted. “You’re only-. “ “I know I am only 19, don’t stick your tongue out at me or I’ll take it.” Victoria blinked in amazement it was as if her sister was reading her thoughts, little did she know.
“Hey, I gotta talk to you.” Verin sat her sister down and knelt down. “I am going to do some scouting tonight just right outside the wall, I need you to stay here and protect everyone…” Victoria blinked looking at her sister. “Protect them?” Verin nodded holding her lifting sisters face. “With the deck you have remember how to use it?” Victoria nodded. “I won’t be gone long but you gotta be a big girl alright?” Victoria nodded slowly.
“That’s my big girl.” She kissed her sister’s head and stood up turning around to walk away.
“Wait!” Victoria shouted after her sister and ran to her and hugged her almost knocking unprepared Verin over, and her eyes widened looking down at her sister wrapped around her legs, she smiled. “Be safe!!!” Verin nodded hugging her sister and winking as she took off in a sprint and pressed her hands on her duel glider flipping over landing and zooming off out of the wall and into the abyss.
Riding through the night the moonlight was her only guide as she zoomed through the cold barren land passing some town houses and broken buildings. The visions of what she saw in Gunji’s mind flashed through her head as she stopped her glider and pulled off her helmet and walked around she saw some bow and arrows in the pile of snow. She walked to it and pulled out an arrow looking at the damage, “Burned…” She whispered as she heard a pebble move and she got down her diamond blues looking around.
She heard voices.
“Are you sure there were no more survivors?”
“Man I told you we got the last of them they’re in jail how many times do we have to come back here…”
“The boss said check every day for the next three days. That’s it, we don’t ever have to come back to this dump.”
Verin rose a brow and slowly walked along the bottom of the cliff. She closed her eyes and began to hear their thoughts and their memories unlocking them. She found the base and she had learned so much. Who their leader was etc. “Seems our friends also carry a few decks…” She let them leave before following slowly. “But who is in jail?” They obviously weren’t the ones to do it, because she didn’t see it.
Climbing the side of the wall she flipped onto the roof and looked to her right seeing someone her eyes narrowed using her key. “Ten guards all corners,” She paused and pulled out her cards summoning three Giuardian Eatos. “On my mark.” She whispered and then jumped over the side of the tower rolling across the row. She pressed herself up against the wall pulling her two Uzi’s out she hated using ammo but was always ready. She slowly put one away and then walked up behind one guard putting a cold knife to his throat. “Where are they hiding my people…” She whispered. The man freaked out and before he could scream she slit his throat dropping him to the floor taking his uniform. “Ooo this is big…” She muttered she nodded at her Eatos they nodded back as she walked into the base nonchalantly.
“Hey what are you doing away from your post?” Verin froze and turned around clearing her voice she tried to sound like a man. “I um … I have to use the bathroom.” The man nodded as Verin glared at him seeing his thoughts unlocking him… at this rate she would exhaust herself, but it would be worth it when her people were safe.
She ducked around a corner reaching for her deck summoning Madolche Hootcake for a look out. She headed down the hall ways walking through doors without a problem. She went to the basement clearing her throat to the sleeping guard.
“Changing of the guard! On your feet soldier!” The guard woke up and looked down at his watch “A-an hour early.” Verin glared. “Consider yourself lucky then.” She waited to see how the soldier would take it and he threw the key at Verin and ran out. “WOO!” Verin blinked wide eyes and watched as he ran away. “That was easy…” She walked over to the small jail.
She saw four people. “Mags… Jenny, Lou, Derick. No dad…” She tilted her head down she walked through the cage. The four backed away as Derick took the front protecting the younger this made her smile. She lifted her helmet and all their eyes widened. “Verin!” Simultaneous hisses of excitement, the mentioned shushed them as she turned around and looked over her shoulder as Hootcake had rushed back flapping. Verin smirked nodding as she held up the card and the monster disappeared. “Okay we’re gonna have to improvise…” She summoned T.G Warwolf. She turned around seeing guards coming from around the corner. She pointed to the wall. And the wolf nodded breaking through it.
Verin returned him as she smiled. A shot skimmed her arm and she blinked wincing and whipped around. “Shit…” She looked out the whole. “Too far to jump…” She whistled loudly as her Guardian Eatos came flying around grabbing the woman first. “Derick get on!” Verin yelled throwing pieces of the armor at the guards and shooting at them. “Not without your dad!”
Verin shot around looking towards him. “MY DAD?! He’s alive?!” Derick nodded “They took him to the interrogation room.” Verin nodded whipping around shooting directly at the guards now peeling through them. “Get on and protect them! I’ll meet you on the outskirts of this shitty place.” She threw him a gun and darted through the wounded guards. Derick grabbed on to one of the Eatos and flew away with the group.
Verin shot through the guards as she took some memories to see where the interrogation room was. Walking right through all the doors she stopped gasping for air as she looked in the room. She saw her father sitting on a chair in the center of the room. She saw his thoughts she unlocked him and she blinked as she saw a knife coming for her she ducked looking in the direction it came from.
“Who’s there!?” She shouted looking around. “I can hear you! Come out!”
Emerging from the shadows stood a man about 6’5 and bright red eyes with black hair. Her best guess he was the leader of this pit of shit.
“You know it’s not very nice to go barging in other people’s homes, but I guess that’s not really a problem when you have the key to everything.”
Verin glared at the man, “You know? Then you should know I can take you down no problem.”
The man scoffed. ”That’s all fine and dandy, but I do believe you have worn yourself out a bit. C’mon… coming all this way and not even a single person of back up? That’s not very smart.”
Verin cursed under her breath gritting her teeth. “What business do you have with my people?!” She clenched her fists.
“Why are you asking can’t you just pear into my mind?” The man replied. Verin concentrated and tried but she had used it too many times she was getting rather exhausted. She fell to her knees holding her head in pain.
The man smirked. “That’s what I thought…” With that the man drew his cards three of them as three monsters appeared. StellarKnight Alsahm, SatellarKnight Dneb and Satellarknight Vega.
Verin’s eyes widened as she stood up slowly backing up a bit she tried to shoot her UZI at them and she was out of rounds. “Shit…” She muttered pulling out her deck she quickly summoned three T.G War wolf. She cursed seeing her wolfs so small to his Knights. Taking a deep breath in the three against three began to duel as she went for the black haired man tackling him to the floor a knife going for his throat. The man saw this coming and sent his fist right into the side of her face sending her into the wall as she hit it and slumped down groaning. She tried to get up and her arms wobbled... She gasped for air as he kicked her in the ribs grinning. “You’re worthless and in this dying world you and your people won’t last a minute I don’t care what kind of treasure you have around your neck!” Verin stood up slowly coughing up some blood as she looked up at him her diamond blue eyes had a certain rage about them… she looked over to see her father tied up defenseless and she glared at the man .
The black haired male went to kick her again and she concentrated as she saw his thoughts his moves the key that unlocked his mind. She smirked and dodged round house kicking the back of his neck sending him face first into the wall.
With that Verin sat on his back he tried to stab her but she should see it coming she grabbed his wrist and broke it and then soon his neck. She took his cards and summoned his monsters back. She then smiled to her own monsters and summoned them back.
Running over to her father she fell to her knees breaking him free as she gasped for air… She had used too much of the key, it had drained her. Grabbing her father she put one of his arms over her shoulder and she headed out of the room.
Making their way to the roof she looked around and saw one of her Eatos came back for her. She smiled and jumped on the winged beast with her father in her lap. She looked down at the place as she was being flown away. She reached in her belt and pulled out a grenade biting off the ring and throwing it back the hideout exploding into little pieces.
Landing with the others she smiled hugging them all tears of joy ran down everyone’s faces. Derick looked around “Gunji?” Verin looked to him and shook her head looking down. Derick nodded. Verin looked back up and smiled. “Let’s go home guys…”
Letting the others ride on her Guardian Eatos she rode on her gilder bike.
Finally reaching the wall of their home the sun was rising the guards seeing who it was opened the doors for them as she parked her bike helping people off her winged beasts and putting them back to her hand. Turning to the town some villagers had gathered around.
Verin cleared her throat as the recued were recognized by their family members and tears were shed happiness. Victoria yawned walking out of her tent she looked up and saw her dad. “DADDY!!!!” She shouted and ran towards him he caught her and pulled Verin into a hug and they shared smiles.
Pulling away from the hug Verin stepped up to her town everyone had gathered around. “Listen up.” She looked around at all the worried and happy faces. “I don’t know what this world is going to bring us and I don’t know a whole lot of what is out there, but I know one thing! “ She looked to her Dad and sister.
“WHAT EVER COMES AT US! WHAT EVER TRIES TO PULL US DOWN! Whoever tries to hurt my family! No matter how big! No matter how many I WILL EDESTROY ANYONE THAT THREATNS MY VILLAGE! I will take responsibility as your Leader… YOU ARE MINE! Paris France!” Verin shouted and the audience applauded as star shot through the sky as the sun was rising. There was no turning back now, there was no running or hiding… This was the new chapter.

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