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let's have a flashback.

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let's have a flashback. Empty let's have a flashback.

Post by Magma Golem (Pyro) on Mon Jul 28, 2014 9:10 pm

what was your first first DN deck, how did you make it, and why did you make this deck? also give me a little extra information
let's see everyone's first Dueling Network Deck story, and lets start with me.
My very first deck was The Six Samurai, I had three gateways three shoguns and 3 shien's chancellor and at first it was a 60 card deck, I made it out of the rl six samurai deck but with a few better got me 300+ rating and later on i've experience my first perma ban from boosting xD
Magma Golem (Pyro)
Magma Golem (Pyro)

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let's have a flashback. Empty Re: let's have a flashback.

Post by Wattronics on Tue Jul 29, 2014 1:14 am

My first ever deck(s) were Watt and morphtronic, I cant remember which one was made first (also this is kinda where the name Wattronics came from). I chose this because I started playing yugioh just as xyz was a "thing" and was actually becoming popular in most decks, so only really a little over a year! (wow, feels like longer than only a year) Anyway, at this time I Was literally a 100% noob, I knew nothing at all about yugioh other than that I had watched random episodes of the first series (which of course means my mind was flogged with normal monsters and I had no clue effect monsters were a thing.) but then I came on dn and realised effect monsters were a thing  so I started reading some of them, then I got to watt cards... and the fact that they could just attack direct regardless of monsters opposing them mind-boggled me (I was like omg everyone must play this! soo good! Tier 1! tots!) which is where watts came from. And morphtronics came from the fact that I started playing as soon as xyz became a thing so I of course understood nothing at all about it! so I couldnt make an xyz deck, I did however understand synchro! Searched up some synchro decks, was shocked that all morphronics had constant effects depending on positions, BOOM! morphtronic and Watt decks!

I am Wattronics and this is how my life REALLY began!


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let's have a flashback. SmHp70O
Soul Holders
Soul Holders

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