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Deathxlink1992's Teacher App

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Deathxlink1992's Teacher App Empty Deathxlink1992's Teacher App

Post by deathxlink1992 Mon Apr 06, 2015 6:05 pm

1.) Why you wish to be a Teacher. Well I truly enjoy this game with a passion and I enjoy helping others either join or better understand the game, as more duelists would offer more competition and the better they are the more fun the game is. So why not help make the game better by helping others learn tactics, combinations, and dueling styles to make the game more fun.
2.) Why you think you are suitable. I feel that i am suitable for this position because I have shown that i'm aware of what my opponent plays or what they could play, and try to counter their moves with my own. A teacher not only has to be able to teach and pass on knowledge but be able to learn themselves, the game is ever changing, new cards and moves are being implemented on usually a biweekly/monthly basis. And when ever i see a card I have never seen before, i always search for it and learn what it does, what it's could counter it as well as any rulings/restrictions so i can stop people if they try to do an illegal move.
3.) How active you will be. I am pretty active, usually having the forum cite up during 11:00 AM-the dead of night. Even if I'm not i always have skype up for anyone to message me.
4.) What you think the role of a Teacher is. I think I partially mentioned this in question 2, but a teacher needs to obviously be able to teach others. However just teaching them isn't enough, you have to give the students a reason or challenge to do/get better then they already are and challenge them based on their skill. Of course you don't want to make things to difficult and try to give them work that is beyond their level of skill.
5.) If a person applies for teacher they will have to do a mock lesson. A mock lesson, well for a lesson in general, depending on the Dorm level would depend on the lesson, like for bronze or crimson a lesson on different summoning methods and different types of spells and traps, like continious, counter, quick-play etc. For Gold and up is were i would teach things that are harder to understand, like chains and spell speeds, for example, you can not use stardust dragon *thats already on the field* against solemn warning as warning is speed 3 and stardust is speed 2.

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Deathxlink1992's Teacher App Empty Re: Deathxlink1992's Teacher App

Post by (Chancellor) Leon Tue Apr 07, 2015 8:04 pm

Alright. This is an up and down when it comes to how typical this application is. I like the answers and sort of expected the selective answers. I'll give you a shot at being a teacher for now, but I want to see you REALLY posting lessons and helping students. You have the option of picking a specific Dorm to teach in, or teach all around. Application Approved!
(Chancellor) Leon
(Chancellor) Leon
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