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Power Creep Discussion?

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Power Creep Discussion? Empty Power Creep Discussion?

Post by (Chancellor) Leon on Wed Feb 25, 2015 8:34 pm

I'd like to get more discussion topics going on in the Academy, one of them being about this video and the explanation of Konami's decisions.

For those who don't know this man. This is AznEyesWhiteDragon. A very funny and at times insightful Yugituber. And He made a good point in this video. Why do broken decks get released and why do certain cards get banned? The main point of the matter was that when making new cards, they have to make the up and coming cards even stronger than the previous cards, or else what would be the point in releasing new cards? Which I completely agree myself. But, at some point near the end of the video. He said, "Is there a way to fix the game?" And Asked his fan base to explain their perspectives on the matter in the comments below. To which I replied:

To put a simple opinion forth, I think the game should have something more than just powerful cards. I play Yu-Gi-Oh! Because I find the game fun as hell, my friends do as well, and so do many more. But, over-powered decks kind of really destroy it. So, an idea I've pitched to many people and have been laughed at: Why not just take some of the old, dying archetypes and make support for those? And When I say dying, I mean ones that you only see once in a blue moon. Destiny Heroes, Ice Barriers, Roids, Fortune Ladies, Arcana Force, Hazy Flame, and the list goes on. I'd appreciate no hateful feedback on these choices. These are just choices I've seen. But, when I bring this idea up. I bring up these because it would give more diversity in the game rather than heavily powered cards. I mean, I think there is at least a good hand full of people who would rather play a fun and uniquely improved deck instead of playing OTKs and FTKs. It's just an idea, because the game needs to have it's fun spirit back. This game isn't even a 'Children Card Game' anymore. "

Now it's my turn. Let's see the opinions of everyone here. I want you to tell me how you feel about the Power Creep or concept that Yugioh is taking nowadays. I want to see the opinions flowing in and out. I'd greatly advice checking out the video before hand to really grasp his take on the matter or just push your own feelings and choices.
(Chancellor) Leon
(Chancellor) Leon
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Soul Holders

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Power Creep Discussion? Empty Re: Power Creep Discussion?

Post by Fujitora on Wed Feb 25, 2015 9:06 pm

The point of Konami, at this point is money. They print more and more powerful cards to counter against the already powerful archetypes. When they do this, the supply and demand of these cards skyrockets. The higher the rarity ( Not in the sense of shininess, but in the sense of how hard it is to find/pull ), the higher the price of said card. Since these extremely expensive cards are at the heart and soul of each deck ( Hence why they are expensive ) you will need them to play said deck. So, therefore, you will end up saving time ( And potentially money ) by buying the cards directly from Konami with a lump sum rather than buying individual packs of cards for a CHANCE to get what you need and/or want for said deck. Konami is a cash cow. They want nothing more than to continue a dying card game in order to make more money, and clearly they are doing just that because Konami has yet to run out of ideas when Kazuki Takahashi, the creator of Yu-Gi-Oh, will continue making new cards and ideas. Takahashi originally wanted the series to end after GX, but since the contract he is in with Konami, he is forced to make newer and newer cards. So, in the end, until said contract is broken or Takahashi dies, Konami will continually make more and more powerful cards in order to supply the demand of the consumers. The business is no longer to be fun, it is to make money.

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Power Creep Discussion? Empty Re: Power Creep Discussion?

Post by (ELITE) Mighty Brain1 on Wed Feb 25, 2015 9:17 pm

i just don't like how some decks nowadays can generate resources from nothing. Finding new ways to recycle or reuse them was fun and creative. Now it's just autoplay, faceroll, and win. Linear, predicable combos that are superior to unique, varied strategies.

(ELITE) Mighty Brain1
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Power Creep Discussion? Empty Re: Power Creep Discussion?

Post by GetRekt on Thu Feb 26, 2015 3:24 am

agree, I remember playing bujin for a while and realizing that everyone played the deck so linear, (i had an adjusted combo version) and every time i summoned yamato people would say, oh, so you are playing that helmet sack of crap. To many decks fall under this go to play category that is too often the most viable play for any situation that ingenuity has become scarce in a game that has seen some rediculously awesome combo decks and fun ideas, ex. Sylvans of recent or Dragon rulers.

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Power Creep Discussion? Empty Re: Power Creep Discussion?

Post by Sponsored content

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