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Staff App For TESTER!!!

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Staff App For TESTER!!! Empty Staff App For TESTER!!!

Post by Caged Mon Feb 16, 2015 4:09 am

Hey Guys! Anyone that's reading this for a purpose already knows who i am. LoL
   I Wish to be a tester, because it will be a fun experience to do and will help get me more active and help out my game of dueling a lot rather than just sitting here dueling you guys for random or maybe a clan war or two if i can get in.
 I personally think i'm suitable enough because i made raviel! (yeah just because i made it into that dorm doesn't mean shit.) Actually, i think i'll be good based on the fact that i'm a decent enough duelist, i don't preferably like meta, so i use meta like decks(mermails, geargia) ect. and i can beat meta decks most of this time, or at least give great matches
   I make a promise to be on everyday.even when i get of work,(work just depends on my schedule its usually not set),could be early, could be late,  but ill be on at least one of the 2 main times of the day. and all night like tonight
  The role of the tester is not only to test the recruit to see if they are physically able to join our group(aka a good duelist) but the mental side as well, like if they are fun to duel, if they actually know what they are doing and even if they know what your doing.
  The test rubric is basically like how people get points in gym class for certain activities. that's the way i see it lol. like if they are good with their side deck but their behavior and knowledge of the game isn't where it should be, those stats would be lower while the side deck would be higher

that's just my answers to the questions. i know I'm new and all, and you don't have to accept me. I'm doing this because it will be more fun and give me some challenge

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Staff App For TESTER!!! Empty Re: Staff App For TESTER!!!

Post by Darth Sidious Mon Feb 16, 2015 8:51 am

Solaire, I support his decision to become tester!! He has great potential!!! Also, maybe lets give him a test round for the position just like JD?!
See Ya Later,
Genryusai Yamamoto
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Darth Sidious
Darth Sidious

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Staff App For TESTER!!! Empty Re: Staff App For TESTER!!!

Post by (Chancellor) Leon Mon Feb 16, 2015 11:53 am

I'll agree with Genryusai when he says you have potential. I like potential. I'll keep my eye on you but for the moment, I'll have to deny the application. These reasons are fine and all, but I can't exactly see them being the answers I'd want to see coming from a tester. I'm sorry if you're upset, but perhaps you can try again in the future.
(Chancellor) Leon
(Chancellor) Leon
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Soul Holders

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Staff App For TESTER!!! Empty Re: Staff App For TESTER!!!

Post by Sponsored content

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