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Post by Professor Corpse Tue Feb 10, 2015 2:29 am

Alright Hamon(and any others that are also present), its time to reinforce your understanding of the basics and advanced play. Before you can actually use a monster you first have to summon one, below i will explain the different types of summoning and their ups and downs.

Normal Summoning- The basic summon that a player is capable of once per turn unless it is extended through a card effect. Examples include Constellar Pollux and Double Summon. Using this summon, a player can summon a monster in face up ATK mode or normal set a monster in face down DEF mode(normal sets do not count as a summon). Once summoned, the monster cannot change it's battle position until your next turn or through card effect. Examples of effects that change battle position are Stumbling and No Entry.
Flip Summoning- Flip summoning is when a set monster is flipped face up by it's own player, and must be flipped into ATK mode. A monster that was set or special summoned face down on the same turn cannot be flip summoned. Any other way the monster is flipped up is not a flip summon.
Tribute Summoning- A tribute summon is when you send a certain amount of monsters you control to the graveyard as a cost to normal summon a monster level 5 and above. Level 5 and 6 monsters require 1 monster for tribute summoning, level 7 and above require 2 monsters, and some monsters require 3 monsters for tribute summoning due to effect. You can also tribute set monsters, but they still require the same amount of monsters needed for tribute. Tribute summoning is still normal summoning, so make sure you have monsters on the field beforehand ready for sacrifice.
Special Summoning- Unlike normal, flip, and tribute summoning, special summoning alows you to summon an infinite amount of times as you have an effect that allows it. You must also abide by the limitations of the special summon if there are any. Examples of cards that special summon are Soul Charge, Call of the Haunted, and Monster Reborn(the legend).
This is where things get a bit more complex with special summoning, there are 2 variations of special summoning, inherent and effect special summoning. Thanks to Darth Sidious supporting his comrades, we now have found out that you have been misunderstanding the limitations of special summoning.
*Inherent Summoning- Inherent special summoning is special summoning that does not start a chain. Xyz and Synchro summoning is inherent special summoning, as well as monsters that special summon themselves such as Cyber Dragon and Photon Thrasher. Normal summoning is also considered inherent. If you inherent special summon a monster and they flip Vanity's Emptiness to chain(which they can't), the monster stays. Also, Steelswarm Roach, Thunder King Rai-Oh and Black Horn of Heaven can ONLY stop inherent special summons.
*Effect Summoning- Effect-based special summon is when an effect that can start a chain special summons a monster. Gorz the Emissary of Darkness, Battle Fader, Tragoedia,Destiny HERO Malicious, and Plaguespreader Zombie, Call of the Haunted, Soul Charge, Monster Reborn, and any Ritual or Fusion summon that use a catalyst(spell or trap) fall into this catagory. If you were to activate Vanity's Emptiness in response to any of these effect summons, it chains and stops the summon. If you are using Solemn Warning against a Ritual or Fusion summon, you must use it on the card that is summoning the monster(not the monster brought out) to stop the summon.

Links to support Lesson

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Professor Corpse
Professor Corpse

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Post by (ELITE) Master Of Faster Tue Feb 10, 2015 5:45 am

everything is looking good here man, but i wouldn't classify setting a monster as a normal summon. (yes it takes up your normal summon on a turn, but if it was a summon, it would be possible to use solemn warning on it, which it isn't)
(ELITE) Master Of Faster
(ELITE) Master Of Faster

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