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Administration Applicant Empty Administration Applicant

Post by Darth Sidious Thu Feb 05, 2015 3:37 am

Why I want to become an Administrator!!!!!
1. I want to become an Administrator because i want to help everyone especially the Administration Team so that together we can make this academy more successful and a place that everyone wants to be in. Also I want to lend extend my skills and knowledge to become the best I can be and help the everyone find their inner spirit.

2. My experience is vast. I have been in many clans such as exiled, managed many websites, and am a great leader. I am also great with recruitment and order. The Sith Lord Clan has only been up for two and a half weeks and I already have thirty-two members including me. I have made allies with the immortal clan and eight other clans.

3. I will be extremely active I am on Dueling Network everyday for at least six hours or more sometimes straight sometimes in two hours segments.

4. I believe the role of an Administrator is first and for most to be a role model and therefore you must exhibit appropriate behavior at all times since everyone is watching you. Of course helping manage the website which for me is not a problem. An Administrator is supposed to make sure everything is running smoothly and on point. And lastly is supposed to be the spitting image of what the academy is all about.

5. The General Tab takes care of the majority of things. But for user permissions and special rights that is under Users&Groups. Also if need be there is Ban control under  Users&Groups tab on the drop down menu within the Admin. Panel. That is the basic description but it can get more advanced that that.

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