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Ritual Beast Lesson With Actual Information!

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Ritual Beast Lesson With Actual Information!

Post by WowThatsPrettySad on Fri Jun 12, 2015 10:33 pm

Ritual Beast Lesson

Ritual Beasts in an archetype released in The Secret Forces along with Yosenju and Nekroz, however being the least popular of the 3. Their play style incorporates that of many other decks over the history of YGO possessing the ability to “contact fusion” like Gladiator Beasts and being based off of combos that search traps and monsters alike, much like the Infernity Archetype. However, this deck required quite a bit of skill to play because unlike most decks these days, Ritual Beasts don’t simply hurr durr field spam. Their contact fusions and combos require thinking and 1 misplay can cost you the entire game.

The Monsters
The archetype is divided into 3 sub-archtypes, Ritual Beast Tamers, Spiritual Beasts and Ritual Beasts Ulti-. Before I go further make sure you know that Spiritual Beasts count as Ritual Beasts, Spritual Beast. Ritual Beast Tamers are all level 3 or lower psychic monsters that allow you to summon another ritual beast monster upon summon. The Spiritual Beasts are level 4 monsters, each with a different type, that interact with the banished zone in some way when summoned. Note that all Tamers and Spiritual Beasts have the same effect of where they can only be special summoned once per turn. The Spiritual Beast Ulti-(Put a Spiritual Beast Name Here) are your fusions, and each one has the same effect of where it can be summoned by banishing 1 Tamer and 1 Spiritual Beast from your field without the use of polymerization. Each also possesses a quick effect which allows them to un-contact allowing you to special summon any Tamer and Spiritual Beast from your banished zone allowing you to “dodge” targeting effects. Each also has its own unique effect that will be discussed later.

Ritual Beast Tamers:

The Tamers:

Ritual Beast Tamer Elder:
Elder allows you to normal summon another Ritual Beast monster from your hand when he is normal summoned. This card is the best out of the 3 Tamers because he allows you to normal summon the spiritual beast, allowing you to keep its 1 special summon per turn, which is crucial in extending your combos.

Play 3- You want to see this card in your hand turn 1

Ritual Beast Tamer Wen:
Wen allows you to special summon a ritual beast from your banished zone when she is normal summoned. Seeing how most of your ritual beasts will end up banished anyway, this card is an excellent recovery tool if your field is nuked. It also combos very well with Gold Sarcophagus as a starting play. However, if you already have board presence established i would avoid using this card as it wastes your special summon, which as discussed later on, it crucial to extending combos and getting extra searches.

Play 2- A bit too situational to warrant its place at 3

Ritual Beast Tamer Lara:
Lara allows you to special summon a ritual beat from your graveyard when she is normal summoned. Lara combos well with either Tempest or Foolish Burial in starting your combos. Its utility parallels that of Wen and you should refrain from using it if you already have an established board in order to keep your special summons.

Play 2- Pretty much the same reason as Wen

Spiritual Beasts:

The Spiritual Beasts:

Spiritual Beast Cannahawk:
This is your most important Spiritual Beast. It allows you to banish 1 ritual beast monster from your deck, tamer or beast, and retrieve it 2 turns later(you will rarely use this part of the effect). It loads your banished zone for reverse-contact fusioning and combos extremely well with Elder turn 1, almost ensuring you a full board next turn as well as protection.

Run 3- No exceptions

Spiritual Beast Apelio:
Apelio allows you to banish any Ritual Beast Card from your graveyard and gives every single Ritual Beast you control will gain 500 attack, meaning even if you contact him out or summon monsters after using Apelio’s effect they will still receive the boost. This card works extremely well in extending your combos, providing fodder for Ulti-Cannahawk which will be discussed later. Note that you can use this during either player’s turn.

Run 2-3 Depending on preference

Spiritual Beast Pettlephin:
Pettlephin allows you to banish any Ritual Beast card from your hand to bounce one card your opponent controls. Pettlephin’s effect is quite situation, but can be an out to problem fields such as Nekroz’s Djinn lock. Pettlephin also combos well with Debris Dragon, allowing you to make any Rank 4, most notably Lightning Chidori. Most of the time, this will be simply be used as contact/reverse contact fodder.

Run 1-2 Depending on preference

Spiritual Beast Rampengu:
Rampengu is allows you to banish 1 ulti-ritual beast from your extra and deck and send to the graveyard a corresponding spiritual beast. Its effect allows you to deck thin and provide fodder for ulti-cannahawk. If not cannahawk, then you want to see this card turn 1.

Run 2-3 You want to maximize your chance of getting this or cannahawk turn 1.

Ultimate Ritual Beasts:

The Ultimate Ritual Beasts-

Ritual Beast Ulti-Cannahawk:
Ulti-Cannahawk allows you to return 2 of your banished ritual beast cards to the grave to search 1 ritual beast card from your deck. This card pretty much makes the deck. The tricks and gimmicks you can pull off with it parallels the things you could do with Infernity. With the proper set-up, you can ensure a definite plus every single turn. The specifics will be discussed down below.

Run 3- You are probably going to dump one for pengu effect so it’s safer to run 3.

Ritual Beast Ulti-Apelio
Ulti-Apelio has an star-eater-esque effect where it is unaffected by other cards during the damage step. Note that this does not stop it from being countered by Honest and Kalut. Also note that it states that it is unaffected by all effects, it loses the boost from Apelio if you attack. This is your offensive card and you will be using it to push for damage without fear of d-prison or mirror force.

Run 3- If you are going for damage, most likely you are going to be making more than 1 per turn. You also might banish 1 for rampengu so its best to play it safe and run 3.

Ritual Beast Ulti-Pettlephin
Ulti-Pettlephin is a pure defensive card that has the effect where it cannot be destroyed by card effects. In this era where everything does everything BUT destroy, this card’s utility is minimal. However if you decide to play either Dark Hole or Torrential Tribute, you can make this to ensure that your field stays safe.

Run 1-2- If you want to make the card run 2, if you want to use it only to dump pettlephin from rampengu run 1.

The Spells/Traps

Ritual Beast Spells and Traps:

Note that these too can be searched off of Ulti-Cannahawk

Ritual Beast’s Bond:
It allows you to contact fusion and is in the form of a quick-play spell card. This card’s utility is minimized to either putting enough damage on board to OTK, or to contact your monsters during your opponent’s turn into Ulti-Pettlephin in order to survive. Definitely not my favorite card.

Run 0-1- Up to preference but do not run more than one

Ritual Beast Steeds
This card allows you to destroy monsters your opponent controls up to the number of ritual beast monster you have. Note that this card does not target, so everything happens upon resolution, meaning that your opponent cannot chain anything once you destroy their monsters. This card is amazing because of the fact that it is SEARCHABLE. This card allows you to establish enormous field presence and forces your opponent to play around it if they know you have it. Always remember to reverse-contact before using this in order to get the biggest use out of it. You can also use emergency teleport to grab a tamer before using this if you’re desperate for that extra pop.

Run 3- A must

RItual Beast Ambush
This card allows you special summon 1 Tamer and 1 Beast from your grave and/or banished zone. This card not only combos well with ulti-cannahawk, its searchable by it as well. You can return your targets to grave with ulti-cannahawk, search this card, and special summon them during your opponent’s end phase for a nifty+2 as well as avoiding the ritual beast’s summon once per turn as well as Ambush restriction.

Run 2-3- Some people choose to run 2 because it can be dead early. I say screw those people, run 3

The Support



Tempest, Dragon Ruler of Storms:
Combos well with Ulti-Cannahawk, allowing you to banish monsters that were sent to the grave by its effect. Acts like a 2400 beater and can search Debris Dragon

Run 1  Run None Because It's Banned

Debris Dragon
Searchable by Tempest’s discard effect. Can make rank 4, most notably Chidori, with Pettlephin.

Run 1   Don't Run Because No Tempest



Emergency Teleport:
Grabs Tamers out of the deck.

Run 3

Dimensional Fissure:
Hurts almost every single other deck out there. Doesn’t hurt you at all.

Run 1

Gold Sarcophagus
Banishes anything you want out of the deck. Requires no explanation

Run 1



Macro Cosmos:
Same Reason as D-fissure

Run 1

How to Play Ritual Beasts:

Read This:

Basic Tips:

This deck takes a lot of thinking and planning to pilot efficiently. You need to know your in’s and out’s to everything and plan ahead. The only way to develope said knowledge is by practicing. However, if you don’t know the basics of playing this deck yet, here are a few tips and tricks to help you out.

Tip #1: Focus on banishing 1 of each Ritual Beast monster from your deck. With 2 cannahawk’s and 2 Pengu’s paired with your Apelio’s this should not be difficult.

Tip #2: Think of your Tamers and Beasts in “pairs” and banish them/summon them accordingly. When first playing the deck it can be difficult to keep track of your summons. Therefore you can mentally pair your Tamers with Beasts so instead of keeping track of 6 summons each turn you only have to keep track of 3. The way I do it is, Cannahawk-Elder, Wen-Apelio, Lara-Pettlephin/Pengu.

Tip# 3: Realize that you have 3 Tamers and 4 Spiritual Beasts for a reason. Even if you normal summon Wen/Lara and special summon a ritual beast you still have 3 pairs of monsters that aren’t special summoned yet, if you have an established banish zone.

Essential Ulti-Cannahawk Tricks and Gimmicks: READ IF YOU WANT TO PLAY THE DECK CORRECTLY

Ulti-cannahawk has a strange ruling on it that is, if you use its search effect, only 1 of the targets have to go to the grave in order for you to recieve your search. You can pair this with the fact that you can chain its secondary quick effect to reverse-contact to its first, allowing you to reverse-contact and search with only 3 ritual beast monsters banished. This creates a loop-able combo that literally is the reason this deck can compete.

You will need Elder and Cannahawk in hand.

[*]Summon Elder and use its effect to summon Cannahawk.
[*]Use Cannahawk to banish Apelio from your deck
[*]Contact into Ulti-Cannahawk
[*]Do not use its effect, reverse contact into Cannahawk and Elder
[*]Use Cannahawk’s effect to banish Wen from your deck
[*]Contact into Ulti-Cannahawk once more
[*]Use its search effect, target Cannahawk and Wen
[*]Chain its reverse-contact effect targeting Wen and Apelio
[*]Chain resolves Ulti-Cannahawk goes back to the extra deck, summoning Wen and Apelio and allowing Cannahawk to go to grave, allowing you to search
[*]Search Ritual Beast Steeds
[*]Use Apelio’s effect to banish Cannahawk from the graveyard
[*]Contact Wen and Apelio into Ulti-Cannahawk
[*]Return Apelio and Elder to the graveyard to search Ambush
[*]Set ambush and steeds
[*]Final Card Count, Ulti-Cannahawk, Steeds, Ambush, +3 Cards starting hand
[*]During your opponent’s turn: Use Ambush to get back Apelio and Wen
[*]Use Apelio to banish Elder from your grave
[*]Reverse-Contact Ulti-Cannahawk summoning Elder and Cannahawk from your grave
[*]Use steeds to pop 4 monsters
[*]Final Card Count: Wen, Apelio, Cannahawk, Elder, +3 cards, your opponent -X to 4 cards

You can do the same combo using Emergency Teleport and Cannahawk

[*]Summon cannahawk
[*]use e-tele to summon elder
[*]cannahawk banish Wen
[*]Contact Elder and Cannahawk into Ulti
[*]Ulti reverse contact-summon Wen and Cannahawk and return Elder to the grave to search steeds
[*]Cannahawk banish Apelio
[*]Contact into Ulti-Cannahawk and return Apelio and Wen to the grave to search ambush
[*]Next turn Ambush Apelio and Wen from the grave.
[*]Apelio to banish Elder from the grave
[*]Reverse contact Ulti-Cannahawk to summon Elder and Cannahawk
[*]Steeds----> rek

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Re: Ritual Beast Lesson With Actual Information!

Post by B@TMAN on Sat Jun 13, 2015 10:14 am

tempest is playable despite it being banned? other than that, great article man.

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Re: Ritual Beast Lesson With Actual Information!

Post by WowThatsPrettySad on Sat Jun 13, 2015 9:50 pm

B@TMAN wrote:tempest is playable despite it being banned? other than that, great article man.
I mean as long as the judge doesn't see... i don't see why not


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Re: Ritual Beast Lesson With Actual Information!

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