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Spell Speeds lesson

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Spell Speeds lesson

Post by deathxlink1992 on Tue May 26, 2015 4:32 am

Hello again everyone for another lesson! Today's topic will be about a topic that not many understand and have a hard time learning. Spell Speeds. No not speed spells from Turbo dueling, Spell speeds are how fast a card effect resolves, and this refers to any card effect, not just spell cards. I'll also include some helpful information on the damage step.

How many Speeds are there?
There are technicly 3 levels of spell speed, mechanics that don't start a chain and it could be stated that they have 0 spell speed. Now for the real spell speeds there are spell speed 1,2 and 3 naturally. The higher the speed the faster the card effect resolves.

What does the speed mean?
Spell speed refers to how fast the spell resolves. Also the speed of the effect restricts what kind of card can be used to chain to it. If a Spell Speed 2 card is used, only spell speed 2 and 3 cards can be used in response, spell speed 1 cards can not be chained. Interestingly enough you can NOT chain spell speed 1 effects with other spell speed one effects, except if they activate at the same time, examples include sending more then 1 Shaddoll monster to the grave through a card effect at the same time.

Spell Speed One
List of Spell Speed one Cards.
Normal Spell Cards
Field Spells
Continuous Spells
Equip spells
Ritual Spells

Flip effects
These first examples should be obvious but for the rest I shall go into more detail.

Ignition Effects: An Ignition effect is an effect that you activate manually, and has no requirements except a cost to use the effect. An example is Dark Rebellion xyz dragon. Detaching to use his effect. Ignition effects also can only be used during MP1/2 unless otherwise restricted.

Trigger effects: Trigger effects are effects that activate when a condition on the field is met. There are 2 versions of this, Optional and Compulsory. Option are effects that don't happen automatically when the condition is fulfilled, while compulsory are mandatory effects.

Ignition-like effects: Are ignition effects for spells. An example is Raidraptor - Nest, using it's effect during your MP1/2 to search or recycle.

Trigger-life effects: Same as before, trigger effects for spells and traps. Also Trigger-like effects will form a chain even if its from a continuous spell or a trap.

Another Rule is that if both players end up having similar trigger effects, lets say they both control a mystic tomato and they kamikazi each other. The current player's turn gets to use their tomato's effect first while the non-turn player chains their tomato to the first. Also Compulsive effects chain first before optional triggers, therefor if both players end up getting a compulsive and an optional effect at the same time and each use the optional effects the chain looks like this

Chain Link 1, Current turn player's compulsive trigger
Chain link 2, Non-turn player's compulsive trigger
Chain link 3, Current player's Optional trigger
Chain link 4, non-turn player's optional trigger

Spell Speed 2
Quick-play spell cards
Normal Trap cards
Continuous Trap cards

Quick effect monster effects: These are monster effects that can activate during either players turn. When deducing if your monster has a quick effect and your to lazy to check the wikia, look for test noted as During either player's or your opponent's turn/phase/etc. Or sometimes card effects are marked as quick effect.

Quick-like effects: Are continuous traps that have quick like effects, in which case you can chose when to activate them and you can do it either players turn, if their conditions, if they have any, are met. Such as Echo Oscillation, using its effect to destroy a pendulum zone card in one of your zones to draw a card.
Also Note that any continuous spell or Continuous trap is automatically negated if they are destroyed before their effects are resolved.

Spell Speed 3
Counter traps
Counter traps are the only cards with spell speed 3. They are the fastest acting effects in the game and only counter traps can chain to counter traps. Meaning you can not stardust a solemn warning, or other such effects.

Damage step
The damage step is one of the few points in the game were it has many restrictions on what can or can not be activated. Lets go over what is allowed.
Counter traps, obviously, their the fasting thing in the game.

Flip effects, monsters that have flip effects remain on the field if they are determined to be destroyed by battle to have their flip effects resolve, how ever they can NOT be returned to the hand or deck if their flip effects let them return cards on the field since it's already destined for destruction. Once it's effect is done its destroyed and sent to the grave, unless specified by another continuous effect or if its a pendulum.

Mandatory effects: unless it states that it can't happen during the damage step

Card effects that directly effect attack and defense. This does not include using MST to destroy a field spell that gives attack and or defense.

Continuous Trap Cards cannot be activated during the Damage Step unless that card has a Continuous Effect that directly modifies the ATK/DEF of a monster(s), or it has an effect that can be activated during the Damage Step that will resolve with the resolution of the card itself

If the trigger of an optional ATK/DEF modifying effect is a monster being Summoned by the opponent or Summoned to the opponent's side of the field the effect cannot be used.

In the TCG only, if the ATK/DEF modifier specifies Damage Step in its text, such as "Honest" it can be activated up to, and including during damage calculation. If it doesn't specify Damage Step in its text and is optional, it can be used up to, but not including during damage calculation unless otherwise specified. In the OCG, only cards that specify they can be activated during damage calculation and Counter Trap Cards can be.

Any effect that specifically mentions an activation timing during the Damage Step. Most optional Trigger and Trigger-like Effects, as they usually have an effect that would activate during the damage step.

Thats all for today's lesson!

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Re: Spell Speeds lesson

Post by B@TMAN on Sun May 31, 2015 10:41 pm

informative lesson. you put alot of work into this from what i was reading. excellent article.

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