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Chapter 1: The Wandering Psychic

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Chapter 1: The Wandering Psychic

Post by Sentrio on Tue May 05, 2015 7:06 pm

Sentrio Tarik was a kind, clever young man who's greatest goal as a boy was to collect all copies, or at least one of each, of all Duel Monster cards. He's collected most of the powerful ones, being both Shooting Quasar/Stardust Dragon and Clear Wing Synchro Dragon. He uses them in his psychic based deck. Albeit an average duelist, he's quite skilled with them with his psychic powers given with his Mark. He was raised in a lovely, caring home without worry. He had a wonderful life, he even had a girlfriend named Naminé. Together, they both went to college. Then, one night:

Sentrio takes Naminé out to eat at a fancy dinner restaurant. They sit down to eat and order food like an average couple would. "Hey, Naminé, I have something to ask you." Yes, Sentrio?" He gets on one knee and says, pulling out a ring, "Will you marry me?" She tears up and says "Yes! Of course!" The next month, they get married. They finish college together the next year and buy a house. On one night...

"D-do you want a family...?" She tackles him onto the bed and they prepare to start a family, when she sees his Mark. With his Psychic powers, he sees her mental repulsion and wants to leave. He then tackles her onto the floor and accidentally snaps her neck,causing her to die instantly. He hides her body and runs away, setting the house aflame to cover his tracks.

The police never find her body or Sentrio as he wanders Italy.


Sentrio staggers into a bar, in a black hoodie, and sits at the bar. the radio is playing some kind of old jazz. He brushes his coal black hair into his face, trying to not have anyone see him. He oddly orders some water. He's presented with a bottle of water and downs it. He then orders a bottle of whiskey. The bartender leans across from him. "Trying to forget?" "No... Trying to get by, actually." the radio cuts off. IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT. A KILLER IS ON THE LOOSE. NAME: SENTRIO TARIK. BLACK HAIR BLUE EYES. 6'7''. MODERATE PHYSICAL BUILD. BE ON THE LOOK OUT FOR HIM. THAT IS ALL. By the time the bartender looks up, Sentrio's gone, along with the bottle of booze.
Sentrio is driving away, having ditched the empty bottle. His sleek, black street bike dashing between streetlights. There's nothing for him. No family. No job. No nothing. The only thing he owns is his wedding ring, Naminé's ring, the clothes on his back, and his Foot Mark on his back. A tear escapes his eye as he thinks of her. He drives to drive. It's his purpose. Until he can redeem himself, it's all he has.

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Re: Chapter 1: The Wandering Psychic

Post by Sentrio on Wed May 06, 2015 9:00 pm

Sentrio drives into Valdsfield, unaware of the large police presence there. He drives to a coffee shop. "Coffee, black..." he says to the maid. "Right away!" she says cheerfully. Sentrio remembers when she would make him breakfast. His funds were growing low. Gas and food were getting expensive. His "borrowed" bike is now running on fumes. "I may be stuck here a while..." he thinks to himself.

In the office of the Savior of Italy, Valford Miles, he scrolls through the video feeds of several cameras hidden in the city. He then sees the man in the hoodie, trying to hide his face. It's the first murderer of the New Italy. "Get me the police!" he says.

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