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Prologue for The Day The Dust Settled

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Prologue for The Day The Dust Settled

Post by Tsukune Aono on Sat May 02, 2015 10:05 pm

Long after the events that happened 20 years ago that almost brought the nation to it's knees, the people of Egypt still prosper with fresh clean water, food, and better living conditions due to living under the rule of the Supreme King and the White Queen, not knowing what is going on in the other countries because they have been isolated into sectors surrounding the capital building, the roots of the entire nation. The citizens where still unsure of their new leaders and wondered what actually goes on inside the palace walls, so a gang of people went into the building to have a look around, soon met by the Supreme King and challenged him to a duel to test his might, which was a huge mistake. He summoned all three Egyptian Gods, defeating them easily and sealing their souls into the Shadow Realm for all of eternity never to be seen again for entering his home without his permission. On later that same day another younger group of people snuck up to the palace to what figure out what had become of the first group, but this time the Supreme King and his White Queen where talking about the other countries surrounding Egypt. The two were discussing the possibility of invading them just for the fun of it. When the boys heard this they decided to tell everyone in their sector about it, but no one would believe them because it sounded ridiculous to them that the person who rebuilt Egypt from the rubble of that tragic event years before, would do such a thing to the people of other lands.
They were wrong, later that day Noah and Ruby gathered a small army to go raid the surrounding nations and take everything and everyone so that they could expand their empire and army, planning to take control of the rest of Africa. This would ensure the Noah's rule never wavers and that his empire is not to be trifled with. Later the next day the army they sent came back with a bunch of treasures, including "A Mysterious Blue Pendant." They thought it was nothing special so Ruby took it and put it on and kept it on for a while. When it came into contact with Noah's Millennium Rod, the group of people who where sent to the shadow realm returned through the pendant. She figured out what it had power, that it returns those banished to the shadow realm back to the real world.

That has been the prologue I hope I didn't do to bad on it.
Tsukune Aono

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