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XYZ Test Anyone can take this test for HP!

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XYZ Test Anyone can take this test for HP!

Post by deathxlink1992 on Fri Apr 24, 2015 6:37 pm

Xyz Test
The following test will consist of multiple choice, true/false, and fill in the blank questions. With questions that involve how many versions of cards, include all cards released with clash of rebellions and prior.
Send your answers to my email address
1: What was the first XYZ monster summoned in the Zexal Anime
A: Number 39 Utopia B: Number 17 Leviathan Dragon C: Submersible Carrier Aero Shark D: Black Ray Lancer
2: Including the Utopic monsters, how many versions of utopia are there, including the base version. (monster cards, not spell and trap support)_________(this is a fill in the blank answer, please submit your answer)
3:True or false, XYZ monsters are effected by Gravity Bind.
4: How many Rank up Magic, spell cards are there.
A:7 B:9 C:11 D:10
5: True or False Number 101 Silent Honor ARK's effect to attach an opponents monster to itself can not be used on a defense position monster.
6: True or False You can use Harpie Harpist's grave yard effect when its detached and sent to the graveyard when it was an xyz material.
7: True or False You can use Sangan's effect when it's sent to the graveyard when it was detached as an overlay unit.
8:To use Number C39 Utopia Ray's effect you need to have _____ life points or less
A:2000 B:1000 C:500 D:1500
9: True or False: You summon Silent honor ARK, and your opponent activates Solemn Warning, Can you chain Rank-Up-Magic Quick Chaos.
10:What was the First XYZ monster seen in the Arc-V anime series
A: Constellar Pleiades B: Raidraptor Rise Falcon C:Constellar Ptolemy M7 D: Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon
11: True or False: You have Raid Raptor Force Strix and Number C101 Silent Honor DARK on your side of the field. The highest Rank monster you have in  your extra deck is Rank 6 Raid Raptor Revolution Falcon. You can use Rank-Up-Magic Astral Force on Force Strix to summon Revolution Falcon.
12: True or False: You can discard any Rank-Up-Magic Card for the summon requirements for Number 99 Utopic Dragon.
13: True or false: You can still detach a overlay unit for an xyz's monster's effect if skill drain is on the field.
14: True or False: You can use Tellarknight monsters to xyz summon Constellar Praesepe.
15: Yes or No: When an opponent activates an effect that would target a monster on the field, would the Xyz Monster's Materials could as viable targets?
16: True or false: When you summon Evilswarm Exciton Knight you do not include overlay units in the count when determining if your opponent controls more cards then you.
17:When you xyz summon Number 86 Heroic Champion - Rhongomyniad How many monsters do you use.
A:2 B:3 C:4 D:5 E:You can use any of the prior answers
18: Yes or No: If you xyz summon a monster and your opponent activates vanitys emptiness, is the special summon negated?
19: True or false: If you draw Rank-Up-Magic-The Seventh One on your initial 5 card draw, can you use it.
20:If you control Raid Raptor Revolution Falcon attacks a special summoned Cyber Dragon, and your opponent Chains Honest to the activation of Revolution Falcon's effect. What is the end result of the battle__________________________________________.
(this is a short answer question)
Reward for the test
18-20 Correct 250HP
15-17 Correct 200HP
12-14 Correct 100HP
10-11 Correct 50HP
Less then 10 you fail and recieve none, there are no retakes.

Prideful falcon. Spread your wings, dyed in the blood of heroes, and charge through the path of revolution!


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