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Final Extra Deck Lesson Xyz

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Final Extra Deck Lesson Xyz Empty Final Extra Deck Lesson Xyz

Post by deathxlink1992 on Fri Apr 24, 2015 4:15 pm

Students of Uria and any other students reading this lesson. As you know I have posted a Fusion and a Synchro lesson, so naturally its time for a lesson on xyz monsters! This will also be my final lesson involving the extra deck specifically.

XYZ Monsters The Second Evolution of Special Summoning.

XYZ summoning was the third method of summoning that involved the extra deck that was introduced with the Zexal series of the Yu-Gi-Oh anime series. XYZ summoning involves the overlaying of 2 or more monsters with the overlay network
Final Extra Deck Lesson Xyz 185px-NumberOverlayNetwork
to xyz, pronounced as exceed, summon a monster that doesn't have a level but a Rank, and are identified by having a black card background, like synchro have white backgrounds.

Overlay Unit: Overlay units, also known as Xyz material, are the monsters that are overlayed and attached to the xyz monster. Most xyz monsters detach overlay units to use specific effects, meaning that some xyz monster's have limited usage of their effects. xyz materials are not considered on the field so when they are sent to the grave and have graveyard effects they can't use their effect. However there are exceptions, and these exceptions are based on how the wording of a card's effect is.

Harpie Harpist
Final Extra Deck Lesson Xyz Harpie_harpist_by_revengerdelta123-d8e8o19
is an example of an exception sense it states that in the card effect that when this "card" is sent to the grave, you can add 1 winged beast with 1500 attack or less from your deck to  your hand.

How to Xyz Summon

Standard Xyz Summon:Now to xyz summon you don't need any specific monsters except 2 or more monster's of the same level. Xyz monsters do not have levels, they have ranks. So if you want to summon a rank 4 xyz monster that requires 2 monsters, you have 2 monsters on your field, overlay them, then summon them.
Some xyz monsters require more then 2 monsters, or require specific monsters such as a certain type of monster or a certain attribute, or sometimes both.

Chaos Xyz Change: Some xyz monsters have alternate forms that you can instantly summon by using their current form as an xyz material for the alternate form. There are only 2 monsters with this method One is number 39 Utopia into number C39 Utopia Ray
Final Extra Deck Lesson Xyz 300px-Number39Utopia-YS13-EN-SR-1E > Final Extra Deck Lesson Xyz NumberC39UtopiaRay-SP14-EN-C-1E

Rank Up Xyz Change: As XYZ monsters evolved, spell cards specifically for these monsters were implemented called Rank-up-magic Cards. Rank up magic spell cards do what they sound like they do, rank up the monster into a monster with 1 rank higher, though many have specific monsters that it can be used on.
Final Extra Deck Lesson Xyz 300px-RankUpMagicBariansForce-PGL2-EN-GUR-1E
Rank up Magic Barians Force special summons a number C or a CXyz monster from your extra deck, thats one rank higher then one xyz monster on your field, however the monster's type has to be the same for the spell to be used. Theres more to this effect but were only focusing on the summoning portion of this card.

Xyz Evolution: Xyz Evolution is similar to chaos xyz change, however the monster summoned has 1 rank higher then the previous monster. Also the Evolved Xyz monster usually only has 1 specific monster or a specific type of monster that it can be evolved from.
Cyber Dragon Infinity is a good example of this.
Final Extra Deck Lesson Xyz 529787
Infinity can be xyz summoned by using a Cyber Dragon Nova as an xyz material once a turn.

Polular XYZ monsters

In many decks there are a multitude of XYZ monsters that can be used in many decks due to their ease of summoning and the usefulness of their effects
Each of the following monsters require 2 level 4 monsters. There are a number of cards that allow for multiple summoning of level 4 monsters.
Final Extra Deck Lesson Xyz 300px-CasteltheSkyblasterMusketeer-DUEA-EN-SR-1E
Castel The Skyblaster Useful ability(ies): He has 2 abilities, one involves detaching 1 overlay unit and flipping a face up monster into face down defense, the 2nd ability detaches 2 overlay units and sends 1 face up card to your opponents deck. This effect is very helpful against cards that either have destruction immunity effects or powerful graveyard effects you want to avoid.
Final Extra Deck Lesson Xyz 300px-Number101SilentHonorARK-PGL2-EN-GUR-1E
Number 101 Silent Honor Ark Useful Ability: His effect allows you to detach 2 overlay units to steal 1 face up monster your opponent controls and attaches it to this card as an overlay unit. This is also a powerful ability as you can remove a powerful monster your opponent controls as this ability ignores destruction prevention abilities.
Final Extra Deck Lesson Xyz 300px-GagagaCowboy-BP03-EN-SHR-1E
Gagaga Cowboy Useful ability: He has 2 abilities but the ability that lets him stand out is his defense position ability. Simply, while this card is in defense mode, once a turn you can detach 1 overlay unit and deal 800 effect damage. This can easily end a duel if your opponents life points are low enough.
Final Extra Deck Lesson Xyz 300px-DaigustoEmeral-BP03-EN-SHR-1E
Daigusto Emeral useful ability: By detaching 1 overlay unit you can add 3 monsters from your grave to your deck, shuffle your deck, then draw. This card is like a slightly weaker version of pot of avarice which is now banned.
Final Extra Deck Lesson Xyz 300px-DarkRebellionXyzDragon-NECH-EN-ScR-1E
Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon: This Monster's effect easily lets you overpower strong monsters with very high attack, by detaching both of his overlay units you cut 1 monster's attack in half and Dark Rebellion gains that half added to his own attack.
Final Extra Deck Lesson Xyz 300px-EvilswarmExcitonKnight-MP14-EN-ScR-1E
Evilswarm Exciton Knight Useful Ability: His effect is a field bomb ability. When you control less cards on the field and your hand then your opponent you can detach 1 overlay unit and destroy all over cards except exciton knight at the cost of not being able to do damage the rest of the turn.

That's all for this lesson, i hope this has been informative for anyone who read over this, now get out there and used what you learned to be a better duelist, and remember to have fun.

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Final Extra Deck Lesson Xyz CwynuMu

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