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Extra Deck summoning lesson Two Synchro Summoning

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Extra Deck summoning lesson Two Synchro Summoning Empty Extra Deck summoning lesson Two Synchro Summoning

Post by deathxlink1992 on Mon Apr 13, 2015 5:40 pm

Hello Students of Uria, as well as anyone else reading this lesson. Today's lesson is all about Synchro Summoning. If you missed my first lesson on the extra deck summoning methods a link will be posted at the end.

Synchro Summoning Evolves the Game

Before Synchro Summoning was implemented in the game, the only method of summoning that involved the extra deck was fusion summoning. And at that time, the extra deck was called the fusion deck zone as only fusions were allowed there prior to synchro's. Synchro monsters are identified as monsters with a white background to stand out from the other types of monsters.

How to Synchro Summon

Standard Synchro Summon: Now in order to to do most synchro summons, you need two things. A tuner monster, and a non tuner monster. Tuners were introduced with synchro's as the object needed to perform synchroing, just like  you need polymerization for fusions. Tuner monsters are indicated by having the Tuner in ther Card text. Its located in the position were the monster's type is located at. When conducting a synchro summon, the tuner and non tuner monster(s) you use to summon the synchro monster, their combined levels have to equal the synchro monster's level. For example if  you use a level 2 tuner and a level 3 non tuner, the synchro monster has to be level 5. Also you can use more then one non tuner monster as long as the levels still add up to the monster you wish to summon.
Finally the monster's used to synchro summon the monster are sent to the graveyard, however there are exceptions. If the monster states in it's effect that if its sent to a different location when it leaves the field, this overrides it's grave destination. Pendulum monsters are also an exception as they go to the extra deck, unless specified elsewhere.

Dark Synchro Summon: This method is not a real summon method for OCG/TCG. However, for those who play YGO pro, these are available cards so in all fairness ill talk about them as well. When Dark Synchro Summoning, you do the opposite of what you do for a synchro summon. You subtract the tuner monster's level from the non tuner. So if you have a level 3 non tuner and a level 8 Dark tuner, you would get a negative level 5 Dark Synchro monster. Dark Synchros have negative levels instead of normal levels as well.

Accel Synchro: Synchro summoning, like all other methods, evolved as the game progressed. Accel Synchro summoning is when you synchro summon using a Synchro monster and a synchro tuner monster. An example of a Synchro tuner monster, and one of the most popular, is Formula Synchron. Other then that, Accel synchro summons follow the same rules as before, the levels must equal the monster that you wish to summon.
Even then, Accel Synchro evolved even further to Delta Accel which required 2 or more non tuner synchro monsters and a synchro tuner.

Double Tuning Synchro Summon:Now under normal circumstances, you only use 1 tuner monster to synchro summon. However there are a couple monsters that require 2 tuner monsters. The first example of this is Red Nova Dragon,a level 12 Synchro monster who requires 1 Red Dragon Archfiend and 2 Tuner monsters.

Synchro Support

There are many cards that support Synchro monsters in some fashion, ill go over both popular and useful choices that people use.
Synchron Family:The Synchron family are monsters that monsters that can easily conduct synchro summons, the most popular are junk synchron and quickdraw synchron. Junk synchro special summons a level 2 or lower monster from your grave, allowing for a quick level 4/5 Synchro monster. Quickdraw lets you discard a monster to special summon it, allowing for easy access to level 5+ synchro monsters that belong to the junk family, such as junk warrior/archer/destroyer, and other mosters that require a synchron monster.
Level eater: Level eater is a monster used in alot of quasar decks. It's effect lets you special summon it from the grave by lowering the level of 1 level 5 monster you control by one. There is no limit on how much you can do this in 1 turn as long as it's in the grave yard and you have a level 5 or higher monster.
Quillbolt hedgehog/Plaguespreader zombie/glow-up Bulb: These cards are easy access to quick synchro summons by special summoning themselves from the grave. Quillbolt can special summon itself if you have a tuner monster out, Plague is a tuner that special summons itself from the grave by returning a card in your hand to the top of your deck, and Glow-up special summons itself in the same way as plague. The limitation is that these cards are either banished after use, or that you can only use their effect once a duel.
Blackwing Archtype: With the current upgrades to blackwings, they have gained alot of steam and have in the current formats. Blackwings are known for their power of field swarming,as many blackwings can be special summoned if there is another blackwing of a different name on the field. for easy synchros.
Of course there are many, many more cards that i can go over, but if i did i'd end up writting a book, these are just a few examples of support cards that can be used for synchros.

Popular Synchro Monsters
Now when you make a deck based on an archtype, sometimes you need to more monsters in your extra deck that arn't part of the archtype because the archtype your using either, doesn't have enough extra deck monsters, or that their extra deck monsters are not very powerful. Many of the following cards are based on their strength, popularity, ease of summoning, and how situational they are.
Beelze of the Diabolic Dragons: 1 Dark-attribute tuner and 1 or more non tuner monsters. Beelze is a 3000atk Beatstick that can not be destroyed by battle or card effects and gains attack power if you take battle damage or effect damage.
Blackrose Dragon: Level 7 Dragon that when synchro summoned, can destroy all cards on the field. A typical field bomb card.
Stardust Spark Dragon: Level 8 Dragon monster that once per turn, you can target once face-up card you control and prevent that card's destruction once that turn.
Hot Red Dragon Archfiend: Once per turn during your MP1 you can destroy all over face up attack position monsters, but prevents other monsters except himself from attacking the turn you use this effect.
Ally of justice Catastor: Level 5, Catastor instantly destroys any non-dark attribute monster it battles before the damage step.
T.G. Hyper Librarian: Level 5, While Librarian is on the field each time you synchro summon, you can draw a card. A good card draw engine if you can spam synchro summons.
Scrap Dragon: level 8, Most people who run him use his field effect instead of worrying about his grave effect. His field effect is that he can, Once per turn: You can target 1 card you control and 1 card your opponent controls; destroy them.

That's all for this lesson, i hope this has been informative for anyone who read over this, now get out there and used what you learned to be a better duelist, and remember to have fun. Link to the fusion lesson

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Extra Deck summoning lesson Two Synchro Summoning CwynuMu

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