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meet mizar the barian

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meet mizar the barian

Post by Mizar on Mon Apr 13, 2015 4:37 am

hey guys i am Mizar the academy's barian i can be a chill guy sometimes and i can get ticked off or sad but sadness never happens often unless im lonely or something like that but i like challenging other players to duel but i like to mess around and say i want yo number cards or something like that. some people hate me some people love honestly i don't care if anyone love or hates me cause if they hate me well their haters and you know what haters do haters are gonna stay hating but if they love me for who i am then that makes them good people (don't judge me) if you ever want a fun duel you can duel me but tell me what your dueling network name is also known as "dn" if some of you didn't notice already. my favorite monster is dark rebellion xyz dragon because he is a good card in most of my decks. how i usually start duels i either say go barian battle morph, winged beast transformation, wind transformation, and starlight transformation. if i choose barian battle morph i type in dn *throws out a barian sphere field*. well i have nothing else to say so i am just gonna stop here hope we all can be friends and duel each other

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Re: meet mizar the barian

Post by GioGio on Thu Apr 23, 2015 5:23 pm


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Re: meet mizar the barian

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