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Post by Professor Corpse on Thu Feb 05, 2015 10:12 pm

The Meta Game now a days has gotten out of control with all the ridiculous ways they can summon monsters and deal damage along with the quantity they deliver it in. So let's change that shall we.... WITH SCIENCE!!! Listed below are the most commonly seen decks in the meta as of this time.
Burning Abyss

  Anyone from any dorm can take part, just pick any Meta deck you dislike and post cards and tactics made to tear it to pieces. I will also show some cards commonly used against the Meta. If there are any other cards you want shown please post it with your decklist.
Monster Cards

Spell Cards

Trap Cards
" />

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Post by kuri on Sat Feb 07, 2015 4:22 am

IN response to your post, I'll explain some of the card choices and side deck techs.

The main meta these days revolve around at least 2 of 3 main concepts to gain card advantage listed below:
- Pendulums/extra-deck/OTK swarming
- Graveyard toolbox engine
- Searching/adding cards from deck to hand

Gunna go into cards that shut down these concepts.

1. Pendulums/Extra deck/OTK swarming

Main deck ideas for anti meta:
-Vanity's emptiness-  Preventing special summoning is crucial to not getting overwhelmed by opponents. Cool combo with Banisher or radience/macro cosmos can make it so no cards go to the grave. This will result in an indestructable vanity.

-Time-Space trap hole- Since pendulum monsters go to the extra deck, this card can be useful in most cases when your opponent attempts to pendulum summon, its a searchable trapcard with the common traptrix myrmeleo

- Ice hand/Fire hand- Because of the fact that pendulums are considered spell cards while in the pendulum zones, ice hand can be particlarly useful. This card can also be sided to help counter sattellarknights and other cards that have difficult backrow to get over.

Side deck options:
-Spell-shattering arrow: Very versitile anti-pendulum card and pretty straightforward
- Fairy wind: useful in countering mirror matches and useful in most cases against traps like skill drain that might shut your plays down.
- Kaiser colosseum- can prevent otks and stops the swarming of most decks, I personally don't like to main it because its easily a dead draw and is not useful in all situations

2. Graveyard effects and toolbox engine-
Main deck options:

-Soul Drain- Shuts down graveyard plays and can just devistate alot in rouge matches

-Macro Cosmos/Dimensional fissure- Just completely devistates most decks this format that have a chance to compete

-The end of anubis- Alternative to soul drain it's a 2500 attack beatstick that shuts down cards that activate in grave which can devistate shaddolls and burning abyss

Side deck options:

-Shadow-imprisoning mirror- the main teir 1 decks that revolve around graveyards are dark attribute, those 2 are shaddolls and burnig abyss, this also affects the field effects and can stop most plays that they make.

3. Searching/adding from deck to hand

-Mistake- Searching is a problem, escpecially with decks like satellarknights and Qliphorts, this card can jut slow down your opponent to an extent. This will allow you to draw into reasources and draw into cards you may need

-Masked hero dark law/Mask change II combo- Mask change second is a really good card for summoning dark law. Dark law banished cards for your opponent

Side options to prevent searching:

Deck lock- Don't want to completely stop yourself from searching? Well this card is good for that because it leaves the field after 3 of your opponents turns pretty much, it also stops summoning from deck, it hurts the top 3 decks because of that, very underrated card, I reccomend siding it because it's a dead draw and it's not entirely chainable to effects.

That's all folks
This is the best way to come up with good anti meta cards in my opinion, because it avoids situational plays and allows you to analize the meta efficiently.


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