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Assignment Raviel Students No.2

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Assignment Raviel Students No.2

Post by Wattronics on Mon Aug 18, 2014 4:41 pm

Ok, so first of all I was going to make an assignment for students in other dorms too but to be honest I dont even know if I am aloud xD but as I am Head-Master of Raviel I assume I can make homeworks for you people.

Ok, so last week's homework for you Raviels was based on deck construction and a bit of dueling. So this week I have decided that a homework should be based around Rulings! Below this introduction of homework will be five "scenarios" in which the rulings are unclear, to get HP simply Personal Message {pm} me {preferably on the academy so I can keep it but DN can also work...} the correct resolution of these "ruling debates", as this is the first rulings homework so far in the academy I am making it Multiple choiced also the difficulty levels of it will be fairly easy.! There will be answers A, B, C or D for each question (sometimes more), just personal message me your questions:answers {Example 1:D   2:C, etc. continued for all questions}.

Any two students caught giving eachover answers etc. will be given 0 HP for this homework! This is a solo homework, also please don't use outside sources for answers with rulings for these cards! all the information that should be required for answer will be given in question. If you are caught cheating in any way, you will receive 0 HP!

0/5 = 0 HP
1/5 = 50 HP
2/5 = 75 HP
3/5 = 125 HP
4/5 = 150 HP
5/5 = 200 HP

1) Player A has a face-up Number 39: Utopia with no xyz materials attached, a face-up flamvell guard and a face-down xyz reborn in spell/trap card zone along with a Blue-eyes white dragon and cards of consonance in hand. Player B has no cards on field, has chaos sorcerer, Judgment Dragon and forbidden lance in hand and has necro gardna, effect veiler along with Lyla, lightsworn sorceress and Lumina, lightsworn summoner in graveyard. Player B banishes the kuribandit and effect veiler allowing him to special summon chaos sorcerer from his hand in face-up attack position. Player B then activates chaos sorcerer's effect targeting Player A's Flamvell Guard removing it from play.Player B then activates forbidden lance targeting Player A's NUmber 39: Utopia. Player B then enters his battle phase and attacks Number 39: Utopia with chaos sorcerer, What happens to Player A's NUmber 39: Utopia?

A) Player A's Number 39: Utopia will be destroyed by battle as it has less attack than chaos sorcerer.
B) Player A's Number 39: Utopia will be destroyed by his own effect.
C) Player A's Number 39: Utopia will not be destroyed due to chaos sorcerer's effect.
D) Player A's Number 39: Utopia will not be destroyed as he has more attack than chaos sorcerer.

2) Player A has a face-down threatening roar, Player B has 3 face-up Batteryman 9-volts with 2000 attack each. Player B enters battle phase and attacks direct with one of his batteryman 9-volts. Player A then activates Threatening Roar, what happens?

A) Player A will take 2000 damage from the first attack but after that no other attacks can be declared by Player B.
B) Player B's attack is negated and no more attacks can be declared.
C) Player B is still free to attack with all of his monsters as Threatening roar was activated after an attack was already made.
D) Player B's monsters are all destroyed during the BP due too Threatening Roar's effect.

3) Which 1 out of the following 6 card effects does NOT target?

A) A feather of the phoenix
B) Armory Arm
C) Constellar Ptomely M7
D) Bottomless Trap Hole
E) Scrap-Iron Scarecrow
F) Kunai With Chain

4) Attacking with a monster starts a chain..

A) True!
B) False!

5) In the following scenario there will be 3 misplays! Simply spot the misplays and pm me what those misplays are for this answer {note: this question is not multiple choiced! but a few links giving cards will be given}...

Player A has 0 cards in hand, 1 face-down Forbidden Lance and a face-up attack position Inzektor Ladybug on field along with no effects that are activatable from graveyard in grave! Player B has no cards on field however has 6 cards in hand and 3 cards in grave. Player B's cards in grave are Gusto Gulldo, Gusto Egul and Daigusto Eguls. Player B activates Emergency Teleport from hand then uses it's effect to special summon Pilica, Descendant of Gusto and uses her effect to special summon Gusto Gulldo from graveyard, Player B then proceeds into synchro summoning a level 6 Daigusto Sphreez from the extra deck. once this play has been made Player B has 5 cards left in hand. Player B activates Timegazer Magician in his right pendulum zone and activates Stargazer Magician in his left pendulum zone. he then pendulum summons, summoning Odd-eyes from public extra deck along with Caam, serenity of Gusto from the hand. Leaving player B with 2 cards in hand. Player B then uses his normal summon summoning the Pilica, Descendant of Gusto left in hand. He uses this Pilica he normal summoned's effect summoning Gusto Gulldo from grave. He then proceeds to synchro summoning Splendid Rose using pilica and gulldo. Player B enters battle phase. Player B attacks Inzektor Ladybug with odd-eyes. Player A uses his face-down lance targeting odd-eyes. Ladybug is destroyed and Player A takes 1200 damage plus another 1200 due to odd-eye's effect. Player B then attacks with all other monsters for a win reducing Player A's life points to 0.

INzektor Ladybug -
Gusto Gulldo -
Emergency Teleport -
Pilica, Descendant of Gusto -,_Descendant_of_Gusto
Caam, serenity of Gusto -,_Serenity_of_Gusto
Daigusto Sphreez -
Splendid Rose -
Odd-Eyes -
Timegazer Magician -
Stargazer Magician -

You have 1 week to complete this assignment:
Note: You can only hand in his homework through personal message ONCE! and your first answers will be taken for each question, good luck!!!


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Acad: (Solaire) Watt
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Soul Holders
Soul Holders

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Re: Assignment Raviel Students No.2

Post by Wattronics on Sat Aug 23, 2014 6:11 am

Non Sequitur messaged me and has go 5/5 on this homework~ 200 HP awarded (btw sorry that activatable isn't a word -.- )

Skype: Watt.Tronics
DN: (Solaire) Watt, Wattronics
Acad: (Solaire) Watt
Everyone's Whore Razz
Add me on my shiz.

Soul Holders
Soul Holders

Posts : 87
Join date : 2014-07-17
Age : 18
Location : Edinburgh, Scotland

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